Monday, May 26, 2008

Touch down!

'We' are on Mars again searching for new signs of life.

In the last few hours, the NASA probe Mars Phoenix Lander has successfully landed on one of the poles of Mars. Scientist believe that at the pole regions with the large amounts of ice that was discovered there, is the best place to look for current or extinct life of any kind.

Also they believe they can find out more about Mars climate history thru drilling into the ice.

The journey took 296 days and the landing caused a 7 minute communication black out .... flight controllers in the NASA center called it the '7 minutes of terror", fearing another loss of their probe (chances where 45% that it would be a successful landing!).

Let's see how it helps us here on our little planet!
But it's definitely cool that we can do things like that! So if you are watching up to the stars tonight... one of NASA's new robots just started working up there!

Read more about the mission here:

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