Saturday, May 17, 2008

A reply to "A View on Humanity.."

Please read the blog entry from Caleb Bardeforte first before continuing to read this one.

China - expected toll so far: 50.000 dead (more to come)/ 5 Million without a home / Hundred thousands with no food, water, medical supplies.

Myanmar - expected toll so far: over 100.000 dead (more to come)/ Hundred thousands without home, food, water, medical supplies / first deadly diseases spreading.

Is that all that is happening?!? By far not! There are little, medium and big things going on all around the world causing death, terror, destruction, injustice, fear, pain, etc. etc. on a daily basis! Do we notice... not really... we are waiting for the weather report at the end of the news and the sports results and local news just before the weather!

Yes... we humans are strange at times. We know so much and do so little about it!!
We are aware of all the injustice on this planet, yet we seem not to care. We know that probably one of our neighbors is suffering from a deadly disease or doesn't have enough food or maybe he's beating and raping his maid... yet... we don't do shit!

Is this all wrong?!? Yes and No!

A natural disaster like in China or Myanmar is terrible, we all agree upon this! But is it something that we can change or even stop from happening?!? No way! We can build stronger houses and we can send Aid workers and doctors (if the ruling government lets us), but we will never be able to stop nature from killing our own kind. It has been like that since the first form of life formed on this planet. Mother nature is cruel and doesn't care too much if one, ten, thousand or a billion of us die. Even if we all disappear from this planet ... she doesn't care!
The thing is, we assist Mother Nature in getting rid of us! We build in places we should not, we life in areas that get flooded frequently, we poison the atmosphere, we reroute rivers, we exterminate other living creatures, we kill the rainforest's, etc. etc. If you believe in evolution (and I do) there are plenty of examples in the very early stage of this planet where little one cell creatures kinda did exactly this! They killed themselves! Thru either exploiting their food source till there was nothing left or thru poisoning their own habitat to a point where even they could not survive anymore... or by just being eaten or killed by something bigger, 'better', 'meaner', smarter... Did Mother nature care?!? Nope ... she moved on ... and finally she came up with this new experiment called Human. So yes... terrible thing that happened there!!! Really!!! But... such is life...

Now what about all the other bad things... what happened to our neighbor, his maid, the child in Africa, the Dodo?
Should I really care if a sack of rice turns bad in China and a family starves to death because of this? Should I really care about my neighbors maid? Should I? Isn't that Mother Nature again?!?
What should I worry about? Why should I worry about it? Where to start? What to do?
Mother Nature gave the human experiment something that other experiments most likely do not have (to the extend that the human race has)! Sense, feelings (other then pain), consciousness!!
All the things that we do to us... injustice, wars, sectarian violence and terror, crimes, exploitation of nature, etc. etc ... THAT is something we should really worry about since it is caused by US!
You need to worry about this since YOU could make a big or small difference! Yes... YOU! Start with yourself!!! See if there is anything happening in YOUR home that is not the way it is supposed to be! Then start to make that circle bigger and bigger! See if you can help friends! Your neighbor! His maid! Your district! Your local government! Your country! Your continent! The world!
You will not be able to bring peace and harmony and all this to the world if it is not happening around you!

I wish I could make MY circle bigger already!!!


Grey said...

i care .... about my neigbours maid >.... she's hot !

Evil Knievel said...


Caleb Bardeforte said...

hahah bastard!

still - totally agree mr, knievel. it just gets depressing sometimes! oh well...

Evil Knievel said...

Well .. you are not wrong!!!
And by caring about your 'little circle' you also have influence on a world wide 'circle' since you kinda control international trade for example thru your shopping behaviour... right??