Saturday, June 30, 2007

The launch of Wiesmann

Remember what i wrote about Wiesmann? No ? Go and check it ... :P

The official launch is planned for the 2nd of October in the Al Raya Ballroom. We expect anything between 300-500 VIP's and VVIP's (or people that think they are).
Now the task is to make this an event that puts everything else in it's shadow (at least all car and brand launches). So we have the general concept and idea about the show BUT ... one important part is missing!
First we thought about one of us three (CEO/GM/me) but no one wants to stand up there during the whole event... AND... we are no celebrities! Who the hell knows us?? We wouldn't make it onto any page in the news paper... right?!?
So the CEO came up with Elissa... yes... this Elissa... singer / big lips / Arab sex symbol / ...
I personally think this is tooooooo much! In the end we want to sell our product and not have 300 horny guys and 200 angry women sitting in the audience. So we thought about male hosts... but... hey... we are men... so we want some eye candy at least (I mean come on... a known host charges you no less then a 3000-4000 KD per evening! So then there should be something for the eye as well... right?!?). It's a bit tricky to find the right mixture between sexy and well respected.
So now I have a question for all of you in Kuwait and the neighboring countries:
- very attractive
- well respected
- very known
- able to be a bit funny on stage (is not taking herself too serious)
- does not want 50000 KD per evening
- single and looking (hehehe... not that important though :P )
So gimme ideas people !!! PLEASE!!! I don't want to have Ellisa here...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Why can't we have selective memory?

You know... like on your PC (or MAC). You keep the files (memories) you need handy and whatever you might need later but actually don't need every day you save on external media or in some folder that you never open.

Unfortunately this doesn't really work with our brain. We store all things somewhere and sometimes things pop up in our head that we don't want to remember. Like you go to a certain place and all of a sudden you remember conversations/people/... and so on that you met there or are somehow related to this place.
Sometimes this is really getting too much for me lately...
It's not that I regret anything that has happened in the past ... but it would make my life sooooo much easier if I could just store some memories somewhere else.
Searching the web for an external long- / mid- and short term memory compatible with my brain came with no results ... at least none that are actually practicable.

I am trying my best not to think about certain moments or conversations and specially one person but it seems that I just can't get it out of my head!
It's getting to a point where I have to stay up watching some stupid TV show to be distracted until I fall asleep... most of the times at around 2-2.30am... so you can imagine what I look like the next day.

Any ideas on how I can get "rid" of memories that are affecting me too much?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The hardest thing I ever did...

I told her good bye... not knowing if I will ever hear from her again...

When I was 6 years old...

When I was 6 years old and returned from our yearly family christmas skiing trip to Schliersee where we also celebrated my birthday, a surprise was waiting for me at home.
My grandparents build me my own big room and stuffed it with new furniture and my toys!
The thing is... i wasn't excited because of the furniture, the toys or anything else in there!!! NO! My first words back then where:
"Great! Now there is enough room for Sonja (my 1st crush in my life) so she can move in!"
My parents where laughing so hard and asked me why she should move in with us.
My reply:
"Because no matter where I look at, the sun, the trees, the stars, the moon I always see her!"
Now I have the same feeling again... 25 years later... (not for Sonja of course). Back then I really enjoyed it ... now ... it's giving me a ******* hard time!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Selfish / Worried

I got called selfish... I say I worry...

Here is the definition of both:

1. Concerned chiefly or only with yourself; "Selfish men were...trying to make capital for themselves out of the sacred cause of civil rights"- Maria Weston Chapman.

So to say... without taking care of others doing something for your own good

1. Afflicted with or marked by anxious uneasiness or trouble or grief; "too upset to say anything"; "spent many disquieted moments"; "distressed about her son's leaving home"; "lapsed into disturbed sleep"; "worried parents"; "a worried frown"; "one last worried check of the sleeping children".

In other words... taking care of something or someone that is in trouble or having a hard time.

In my current situation it might be mistaken... and this would have a HUGE effect!
I just wish that the right person is reading this and understands...

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I bet this post will piss off a few people and will raise loud voices...
The definition of the word stereotype you find here.
I don't know where to start so I start by going a few years back in my live.
I was in a very multi-cultural school. Around 40% of the students where foreigners. Nationalities or religious believes never mattered among us.
Till ... the war in former Yugoslavia! All of a sudden people where fighting on the school yard because they where not Yugo's anymore but Croats and Bosnians and Serbs... they blamed each other for invading the other ones country... people that where long time friends!
This was my first encounter with prejudice and stereotype.
I hated it and swore never to be as stupid as those guys...
Now I got older... and things changed!
It's not a war that is causing me to stereotype... no ... it's my own personal experience which I made within the last 3.5 years. Some of you know that this is the time frame I stayed in Kuwait...
So here is how I stereotype Arabs:
  1. Arabs need to show off with expensive stuff... but check their loans... (the average loan of a Kuwaiti is by far more then the average of a German)
  2. Arabs date the other genders just like we do... but in secrecy...
  3. Arabs act very conservative in public... but wait till they are at home or outside the country...
  4. Arabs promise everything... but wait till they need to keep their promise...

Those are just a few things that all of you experienced, I am sure!
Recent developments in my life make me think worse then what I just mentioned above. I truly believe that Arabs are the "best liars" there are on this planet! Why you ask... I tell you:
Kuwaiti society and lifestyle doesn't match AT ALL!!! The reputation of Kuwaitis is by far more important then being honest to one another! Kuwaitis learn to keep things in secret from the day they are born. There are too many things they do that could spoil their reputation and need to be kept secret. So ... they start living a "double life". One for the public and one for them.
There are many many examples I could place here... I just take one:

I was flying back to Germany for a vacation and at the airport two girls wearing Abaya and Niqab where checking in in front of me. Their family was with them at the counter but it was only the two girls flying. The behaved very conservative and I was very surprised that they fly alone without their family. Them and me crossed the border. Family still watching them... so they still behaving according to plan. We bored the plane ... still no change in their behavior. Then I noticed that they where checking on who's flying with them... The plane took off ... the fasten your seat belt sign went off ... they got up ... went to the bathroom with their carry on ... came back in short skirt with lots of make-up, belly free and so on ... !!!
This is just one out of a million examples on living a 'double life' and hiding things and in the consequence lie to the people around you.

Stereotyping is really a bad thing to do... but it seems to happen automatically thru the experiences you make with certain groups or nationalities.

I get stereotyped as well and I hate it! People throw things at me like:

  1. "Oh! You are German! Hitler was a great leader and you must love him for what he tried to do!" ... Damn!! He is responsible for several million deaths!! He ruined my country! And the few Nazis that we still have left are absolute outsiders and are not respected at all in Germany!
  2. "How can you survive as a German in Kuwait?!? There is no alcohol!!!" ... well ... there is! But... I don't drink!! I never did! NEVER!

Now before you get mad at me, let me finish my post.

YES! I stereotype (not only Arabs)!
I know that there is good and bad everywhere...
and each person is different...
and everyone deserves a chance...

I just hope I will give this chance to the people I meet and I get proven wrong with my thinking.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Everything's so blurry
and everyone's so fake
and everybody's empty
and everything is so messed up
pre-occupied without you
I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that i'll protect you
from all of the obscene
I wonder what you're doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face

Everyone is changing
there's noone left that's real
to make up your own ending
and let me know just how you feel
cause I am lost without you
I cannot live at all
my whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl

You could be my someone
you could be my scene
you know that i will save you
from all of the unclean
I wonder what you're doing
I wonder where you are
There's oceans in between us
but that's not very far

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face

Nobody told me what you thought
nobody told me what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
told you when to runaway
nobody told you where to hide
nobody told you what to say
everyone showed you where to turn
showed you when to runaway

Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it in my face
this pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away
can you take it all away
well ya shoved it my face

This pain you gave to me

You take it all
You take it all away...
This pain you gave to me
You take it all away
This pain you gave to me
Take it all away
This pain you gave to me

Puddle of Mudd / Blurry

Friday, April 13, 2007

Project # 2's name is Wiesmann

Extinct Dodo was the first one to name the brand and won the two invitations for the official launch in late summer. I didn't think that somebody would find out so fast!

So it's a Wiesmann!

The Roadster

and the GT

I will post some more pictures but I don't want this to look like advertisment.
So I will not only post about those two beauties and their big brother who will be released by next year. I will not only talk about the amazing BMW technologie that drives this trio. Or the unlimited color choices... the high skills and the deep knowledge when this car is being hand build...

No... I just did it and should I sometimes repeat myself in the future, then please forgive me! The words would come from my heart!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's the things inside that count...

All leather ... color you wish ... instruments in color you want ... various options for the storing compartments and the audio system ...

No limits to your leather color choice!

Over 600 cars produced so far (two different models) and NONE is like the other!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Project # 2 picture 2 (the butt)

Does it still look like a Jag?!?!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Take a look at me now

How can i just let you walk away, just let you leave without a trace
When i stand here taking every breath with you, ooh
You're the only one who really knew me at all

How can you just walk away from me,
When all i can do is watch you leave
Cos we've shared the laughter and the pain
and even shared the tears
You're the only one who really knew me at all

So take a look at me now, oh there's just an empty space
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
Just the memory of your face
Ooh take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space
And you coming back to me is against all odds and that's what i've got to face

I wish i could just make you turn around,
Turn around and see me cry
There's so much i need to say to you,
So many reasons why
You're the only one who really knew me at all

So take a look at me now, well there's just an empty space
And there's nothing left here to remind me, just the memory of your face
Now take a look at me now, cos there's just an empty space

But to wait for you, is all i can do and that's what i've got to face
Take a good look at me now, cos i'll still be standing here
And you coming back to me is against all odds
It's the chance i've gotta take

Take a look at me now

Phil Collins / Against all odds (take a look at me now)

He says what I feel...

Project # 2...

Ok ... I think I will make something like a game here!
The first person who can name the brand of my Project # 2 will get two invitations to the official launch this year!
Launch will be in September or October...
There will be the presentation of the cloths collection (designed by Bogner) as well.
Party / Food / Give Away's / ...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

More on project # 2

I promised to post pictures of "project 2". Here is the first one...

Since I try to keep some tension here, I will not tell you the manufactures name... if you know it... please keep it for yourself.

Thinking like a Kuwaiti

Daily Column
Thinking like a Kuwaiti
Published Date: February 21, 2007
By Dr Sami Alrabaa Mohammed

Al-Saleh writes in his column in Al-Qabas, Feb 19 the following, implying/referring to Kuwaitis in general:
Work is something sacred. Do not touch it. Postpone your work until the day after tomorrow if you can't postpone it until tomorrow. Do as little as you can and make the others do the job for you. If you feel like working, take some rest until that wish evaporates. Work is healthy. Therefore leave it to the ill. I would add, also implying/referring to Kuwaitis in general:If you have Wasta, (if you are well connected), why bother with the law. If you have Wasta, why bother to learn and exert yourself. You will get the job you want and the others (expats) will eventually do the job for you. As a Kuwaiti skip work. Because you are a Kuwaiti you will never be fired. Wear an Islamist mask and behind it do whatever you want. As an Islamist you must be pious. Pretend you are a devout Muslim. Go to perform noon prayers. From there go home. If people ask where you are, we will say you are praying. Make a list of excuses from "work". One day, your wife is ill, the other, it is your son Mohammed, the other Ali, etc. If you are a high profile official, do what Islamists tell you. They would love you and leave you to do what you want. Make debts, borrow a lot of money and buy whatever you want. One day, these debts will be wiped out. Carry on asking what Kuwait can do for you, but never what you can do for Kuwait. Do not forget to sing: I love Kuwait. Throw your litter out of your car. Litter all over. Public places are no-man's land. Why do we have Bangladeshis? They would be jobless without your litter. Leave all your bulbs and A/C on all the time, waste as much water as you can. Only the dumb pay their electricity and water bills. Do not read. Do not inform yourself. The more you know, the more depressed you get. The more you learn about other societies, the more you are convinced, you live in a mad house. Wrong are always the others. Although you are as corrupt as the others, as lazy as the others, blame it on the others. You are perfect, but not the others. Committees made out of Kuwaitis spawn only other committees. They are not built to propose solutions. In public, condemn Western "decadence", but in private enjoy its products. Praise local traditions, no matter what anachronistic they are. If you employ an expat, exploit him/her as much as you can. They should be thankful to you that they earn a couple of dinars. Back home they would die of hunger. When international human rights organisations blast Kuwaitis for ill-treating expats, refer them to the humane labour laws in Kuwait. Do not learn from expat colleagues. Punctuality and hard work do not pay off in Kuwait. Expats are there to do the job and not to learn from. Never teach your kids "Do it yourself". Otherwise, they run the risk of learning independence, discipline, and creativity. It is cheaper to get all these things for KD 30. It is not worth it. Have you ever seen a Kuwaiti reading a book in a public place like, parks, cafes, or libraries? What kind of books do Kuwaitis buy? Books about deciphering dreams and cooking. If Kuwaiti women were free, really free and not shackled to the rules of tradition, not to say suppressed by men, they would expose men and prove that they are simply paper tigers. Men know this. Therefore they subordinate women to their will, arbitrarily. Do you know why Kuwaiti men, for that matter most Arab men, walk at least two to three steps ahead of their wives? They want to shield them from the lusty eyes of male strangers. Men-women relationships are abnormal in Kuwaiti society. This abnormality is justified by anachronistic norms and pseudo-Islamic rules. Roman women envied their Muslim counterparts for being allowed to fight and conduct business transactions. Nowadays, most Kuwaiti and Arab women need the blessing of their men for every movement they do.
Now, expats are addressed:If you are an expat, just do what makes your Kuwaiti employer happy. Never disagree with your boss or Kuwaiti colleagues, even if they do not have the slightest clue. On the contrary, keep flattering them. Honesty does not pay off in Kuwait. Keep your advice and frustration in yourself. Lock them up. If you are an expat teacher, do not be demanding. The more students complain about you, the shorter your employment chances will be in Kuwait. Students must have enough time to play video games and watch TV. At roundabouts and queues give way to Kuwaitis, regardless of traffic rules. Do not rush Kuwaitis at government departments. They hate speeding at work. In some areas, the speed limit is zero. Besides, the poor Kuwaiti employees, they stay up late at night fulfilling their social duties. Do not expect a "thank you" from a Kuwaiti. You are doing your duties. Kuwaitis are not racist. Assigning demeaning jobs to Bangladeshis and Indians is simply a kind of division of labour. Generally, a Kuwaiti man does not bring his wife to your mixed social gatherings not because he is misogynist. It is because she does not want to. She prefers to stay at home and wait for her husband. Some Kuwaitis believe that their maids are robots. Indeed, some maids show no feelings, never complain, and speak like robots: Yes, no, ok, etc. That is why some Kuwaitis make their maids work for 24 hours.

Do you find yourself?? I do in some parts and I am an expat living here (maybe too long already)...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This is sick!

Shoot me should I ever be so stupid ...

Lustige Videos – Gratis Fun Video – Deine funny Videos bei Clipfish

One year has passed ...

Hey there!

I was gone for so long that I could hardly remember how to log in ... :o

So many things have happened in over 1 year of bloggins abstinence. Too many things to mention them all.
Most important is that I am still in Kuwait and I am still driving with no further accidents... :P

So short update on my situation:
- New Job (since 4 months)
- good position / prospect
- great projects
- Private life very messy right now
- Family coming over to visit me
- My wheels changed to something... hmmm... ok ... but not as nice as before...
- Sourrounded by families with children (3 other apartments on my floor with a total of 7 kids!)

Since I don't want to spread my private life here, I will tell you about two projects that are coming up that are very much in line with this blog... cars / road rage / traffic caos ... :P

Project number ONE:

Nano. Ever heard of Nano Technologie?!? Sure you have! If not ... google it! :P
Ok... I (or better we) bring a product on the market that will help you to raise the resale price of your car dramatically ... and not only this ... you have noooo troubles keeping it spotless clean with minimal work while owning it.
The secret?!? It's a coating that we apply... It seals your car from any outside effects (dust / water / ...) and gives the color a tremendos boost in shine.
Basically it's very small Nano molekules that build a shild that acts like the leave of a lotus flower. No idea what this means?!? Lotus flower effect?!? Google it ... :P
Try to find a short movie explaining it ... if I'll find one I'll post the link.
Boring project?!? Well ... wait ...

Project number TWO:
Wie***** (edited to keep the tension). I am pretty sure you never heard this name before ... and if then you have either met someone in Germany that coincedently had the same name or you are a car fanatic!
Wie***** is a car manufacturer from Germany. Very exclusive, beautiful, powerfull cars... hand build, with unlimeted color choices that makes each car unique.
Ok... no reason to google it: (stole the link ... follow my blog instead)
Take a look and give me your opinion... would really apreciate!
And if you are seriously interested or just want to see the car in real life then let me know so I can give you an invitation to the official launch in Kuwait in September (en shallah).

My internet connection here sucks... so I will post some pictures of Wie***** later with a better connection.

Till then... take care and let me pass!! :P