Saturday, May 10, 2008

The 'little one', the 'big one' and the 'old one'

So my new 'room mates' will move in today and tomorrow...
After a 2.5 hour cleaning session of my bachelors apartment, buying a new vacuum cleaner and breaking some stuff, they can move in to a tidy place.
So things are going smooth so far.

The 12 year old daughter... let's call her... errrm ... 'the little one' ... already told me how to rearrange my apartment before she even moved in! Told me what colors to put on the wall and shit like this ... SCARY !!!

My friend... let's call her ... errrrm ... 'the big one' ... all of a sudden became really religious when helping to prepare my apartment... she went like:"Jesus Christ!" and "Oh my god!" and "Oh Lord!". I had to tell her that words like these are not really welcome in my house ... I try to keep it free from ANY religion! But besides that she only suggested to put up a few pictures and plants which is cool with me as long asit's cars or girls in the pic. :P

The maid ... let's call her ... errmm ... 'the old one' ... was just smiling and cleaning her way to glory... and surprise surprise she didn't break anything! Which is kinda unusual!

OK ... this sounds really bad! It sounds like my apartment never seen a broom or mop. IT DID!!! I GUARANTEE !!! I personally used them! But I guess my sense of clean is not compatible with my new roomies. :P

Let's see what my apartment looks like when they leave and how much work I'll have getting it back to a bachelors place with NO feminin touch!

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