Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Roomie's and DVD

I thought about having a room mate for a long time but enjoyed my freedom more then the idea of paying less rent and having company. Besides, my apartment ain't that big and is not thaaaat expensive. 2 bedrooms very close to Salmiya for 240KD is half way decent.
Now, I don't need to think about it anymore since I offered a friend in need to stay at my place for a while. We know each other for a little over 3 years and I get along very well with this friend. Initially I thought about my friend only and not the kid and the maid that comes along with it. But what the heck...it's for max. 2 months and we can arrange somehow and the maid comes quite handy in my bachelors place! I just hope she leaves my DVD's and CD's alone and doesn't pile them up like my last maid did. Every time she cleaned, I had to sort my DVD's into 'good copy' / 'bad copy' / 'haven't seen yet' again.
I am hardly at home anyways and just go there to sleep / shower / play PS3 / watch TV / change and that's it.
I didn't life with a room mate for at least 3 years and back then I really liked it. But it was just one! Now it is 3!
Today we'll start cleaning out one of my bedrooms to make room for the daughter and the maid (both of them will need to share this room). I will give up my bedroom for my friend and crush on the couch (what I do anyways since most of the time I fall asleep watching TV).
I am pretty sure it will work out for the expected time frame of max. 2 months.

This means that there will be no DVD sessions at my place anymore. :(
The other place where we used to do that also doesn't exist anymore since they moved out ...
Anyone who wants to offer his private home theater to a bunch of nice guys and girls?!? We are not very demanding... 5.1 surround sound... min. 50" LCD or Plasma... comfy couch... clean blankets... enough to drink and eat... that's all we need! If we could smoke there, that would be a plus. We would come like every 2 weeks for one evening (or night) and most of the time clean up the mess we'll leave. Of course you could watch with us if we like you! :P
Just leave a comment if you fulfill the above requirements... :)

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Caleb Bardeforte said...

haha. damn this really sucks! how will we survive without movie nights?

anyways lets hope cinemagic works out this thursday!