Saturday, June 30, 2007

The launch of Wiesmann

Remember what i wrote about Wiesmann? No ? Go and check it ... :P

The official launch is planned for the 2nd of October in the Al Raya Ballroom. We expect anything between 300-500 VIP's and VVIP's (or people that think they are).
Now the task is to make this an event that puts everything else in it's shadow (at least all car and brand launches). So we have the general concept and idea about the show BUT ... one important part is missing!
First we thought about one of us three (CEO/GM/me) but no one wants to stand up there during the whole event... AND... we are no celebrities! Who the hell knows us?? We wouldn't make it onto any page in the news paper... right?!?
So the CEO came up with Elissa... yes... this Elissa... singer / big lips / Arab sex symbol / ...
I personally think this is tooooooo much! In the end we want to sell our product and not have 300 horny guys and 200 angry women sitting in the audience. So we thought about male hosts... but... hey... we are men... so we want some eye candy at least (I mean come on... a known host charges you no less then a 3000-4000 KD per evening! So then there should be something for the eye as well... right?!?). It's a bit tricky to find the right mixture between sexy and well respected.
So now I have a question for all of you in Kuwait and the neighboring countries:
- very attractive
- well respected
- very known
- able to be a bit funny on stage (is not taking herself too serious)
- does not want 50000 KD per evening
- single and looking (hehehe... not that important though :P )
So gimme ideas people !!! PLEASE!!! I don't want to have Ellisa here...