Saturday, May 03, 2008

What else?!?!

Here I am again ...
same old same old ...
some things changed ... most remained.

Still speeding, but by far not as bad as I did earlier! Guess I get older and wiser and just too afraid of actually being into real shit with Police! (so far made it without ever having to pay a ticket if stopped by police... not even being caught driving above 200km/h)
Car has changed to a more comfortable 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 with plenty of gadgets!
Too bad not everything in my life has changed...
Still not where I want to be ... Still in Kuwait... Upper Management with still shitty salary... still alone...
But at least all that personal, sad stuff that I have written about earlier in my blog is out of my mind!!! YEAH!!! Took me a looooong time ... but ... it's gone! :)
Guess memory is very selective!

What else?!

A very close and dear friend is about to leave Kuwait and it's gonna be a bitch to get used to it. A friend that is there no matter what, that ask for help if needed, that listens and gives advice, that talks and needs advice. We have been a great team for the last 3 years! Her daughter called me "the uncle that I never had' ... BOY AM I GOING TO MISS THEM !!!
Other people have left my life and I don't really regret it ... It's sad to see them in the situation they are now ... but there is nothing that I could do anymore. Believe me ... I was trying hard. But hey... they are old enough (one could think) to make their own decisions ... good or bad! Less headache for me and definitely a more secure life!
PLENTY of new people are in my life. Very nice ones, OK ones, not really OK ones, dumb ones, teasing ones, beautiful ones, ugly ones, ... like I said... PLENTY!
Seems like 'all' the women around me getting married... strange fact when you are getting older, isn't it. People you never expected all of a sudden get married and not only that... get pregnant like 2 hours after saying "yes, I want to"!
I had my crushes and flings... but... nothing serious and no marriage material. (sounds like I want to get married ... does it?!? Well ... yes ... but ... no!)
One crush is way more then I wanted it to be ... and is giving me new trouble in my life. Can't live without trouble it seems...

So ... what else ...?!?!

Had some really nice short trips to Dubai / Bahrain ... and a not so nice trip to Germany. Because of my neighbor being stupid and committing suicide because his girl left him! Why else would guys do stupid shit other then for women!? I didn't even really know him, so the fact that he killed himself didn't really bother me, but the fact that he blew up his house with a gas explosion at 3am in the morning and with this blowing half of his roof into my house did! The total damage to my house is around 80.000 EUR and insurance will not come up for all costs. Lucky that no one other then this idiot got hurt!

What else ... ?!?!

Plenty of business opportunities came up and went ... but I kinda saw that coming anyways. Still was very exited! Well, might still come up one day... Unlikely but who knows?!?!

And what else?!?

Hmmm... nothing!
For now...

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