Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I need ...

Me is bored!
Really bored!!!
Nothing to do at work then going thru blogs ... writing my own ... calling random people i didn't speak with in a while ...

I need either:
- work (that's not the preferred option)
- someone else in my office that i can bug when bored
- a TV in my office
- more movies on my hard drive
- a clone to sit down on my chair in office so i can go home and sleep a little
(so bored that I am effin tired)
- a dozen or two girls performing on a pole (short term excitement... :P)
- someone applying for a job he can't handle and me interviewing him
(I can be really mean in an interview if your CV shows that you are a effin genius and you
can hardly spell your name)


some other exciting thing to do...


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