Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kuwait International Rally 2009

Kuwait International Rally Championship 2009
5 - 7 March 2009

Only a few days left until the Kuwait International Rally gets going. Yesterday was a Marshall's meeting set with very low attendance (only 3 out of 19 registered!). So you can see that we are still looking for volunteers to assist in this event! Volunteers will have access to ALL of the stages which are otherwise off limits for the public. The jobs that would need to be performed are of high importance but not really difficult to perform. It will allow you to get experience and exposure to real racing events, since this is only the beginning of this season and many more events are already scheduled such as: National Rally Championship, Motocross Racing, Quad Racing, Cart Racing, etc. etc.
Volunteering means you will not receive money for your duties but there are other benefits you could get from it. The Cart Circuit is almost ready to be opened and you as a new member to the Kuwait Racing Club will get special benefits there as well as the chance to use the club house features.
To register as a volunteer, contact Mr. Abdulla Albarqawi under 6652 3032 or fax to 2461 3402

Also they are still looking for sponsors who could get great exposure with relatively small investments. It will be covered from several national and international TV stations and newspapers and hopefully it will attract a big crowd. Details for sponsorship can be found on the Kuwait Racing Club website.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama prostesting ?

Found this picture in the Kuwait times today. Looks like U.S. President Obama has a younger brother who is concerned about the working class in Jakarta! (or is it him?)
And no... this photo is not tampered with... the funny drawing is the sign he holds up at the demonstration!

Scool nieds haelp !!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I got a big car and I am special!

This sight pisses me off EVERY DAY !! Standing in the traffic jam going home on 30...
The slow traffic has two reasons:
1. A lot of people going to their homes in Salmiya at the same time
2. Idiots that are driving on the left lane all the way to their exit (most likely 4th Ring Road) and at the last moment cross all 3 lanes and block traffic coming from behind.

And then you have these Idiots shown above... Why are the cops not doing anything against them?!? ITS THE EMERGENCY LANE !!! FOR AMBULANCES / FIRE TRUCKS / POLICE !!!
I guess there are around 5000-10000 cars in the traffic jam and all of us are WAITING IN LINE to pass it... So WHY CANT YOU $&*^@#%$ DO THAT?!?!

NBK's amazing customer Service

NBK - named as the best bank in the middle east / praising their customer service / making close to a billion Profit last year

Until yesterday I would have agreed with all of this but then this happened:

Most of us have to pick up their new ATM cards this month since the old ones will expire end of February. So yesterday I wanted to pick mine up... even though I don't live there my branch is in Quortoba. So after work I was fighting my way thru the dust storm. I arrived at 4:50pm and had to park some meters away from the bank. i knew the bank would open at 5pm so I waited in the car. When it was time for them to open I got out of my car and walked over to the bank. It was still closed. I thought I just wait a little for them to open up... 5 minutes ... 10 minutes ... then I called their hot line... asked them for the opening time of this branch... they confirmed that it should open at 5pm... so I waited another 10 minutes until some man walked up to the entrance ... read a small note in Arabic next to the entrance ... grumbled and walked away ...
I called the service hot line again and they told me that all their branches are closed due to the sandstorm! I figured that this was written on the small note...
WTF!!! What is wrong with you guys?!?!?

  1. Why the hell are you closing your branches because of the sand storm? We are in Kuwait and it's quite common to have a sandstorm! After all, we are surrounded by the DESERT!!!
  2. If you don't want non Arab speaking customer, just say so... I am taking my account somewhere else in a heart beat!! Else have the brains to put up a note in English as well!! Or were you in such a hurry to get home and enjoy an unexpected day off?!?
  3. If you can afford to close your branches you seem to make enough money... then please share some of it with your customers as well!! Not only with your spoiled employees!
I logged a formal complaint, let's see how they react to it...

Big guys no brain?

It has always been said that body builders and so forth have a low IQ. Looking at this ad in the Kuwait times today you might wonder if it is rather the people who promote them who have a small IQ.
Whats so difficult about proof reading?!?!
Well, let the ring decide! Let's all go to the Stedium!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kuwait Cartoon - Sultan Center

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Porn, Superbowl and exploding cell phones

Porn Interrupts Super Bowl Broadcast
(Newser) – Tucson-area Super Bowl viewers were startled when coverage suddenly cut to a very different kind of action in the final minutes of the game, the Arizona Daily Star reports. The game was interrupted by some 30 steamy seconds from a porn channel, featuring full male nudity. Only Comcast customers were affected and local station KVOA is investigating.

Exploding Cell Phone Kills Man
(Newser) – A man in Guangzhou, China, was killed last week when his cell phone blew up and severed an artery in his neck, the Times of London reports. The young shop clerk is believed to have put the phone in his breast pocket straight after charging a new battery before it exploded. Police are investigating whether the phone or battery were counterfeit and warn that consumers should always use original batteries.

Claiming that this is the ninth cell phone explosion recorded in China since 2002, a local paper offered these other tips on how to avoid being injured or killed by your phone:

* Never modify your phone
* Do not expose your phone to high temperatures or direct sunlight
* Avoid long phone conversations
* Keep your phone in a bag, not a pocket

Identical twins, a bathroom and a lot of fun!

Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Prank

Man kills himself... TWICE!

"Security sources said an Indian committed suicide after he hanged himself with a rope at his residence in Jleeb. Police said the mans body was discovered by his roommate and that he denied knowing the motive behind the mans death."
Kuwait Times, 4th Feb 2009

Let's put this poor guys motive out of the picture...
He hung himself and THEN committed suicide??
Weird stuff that!

Rocket propelled Mini Cooper

This is not the only reason to drive a mini ... :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Did you shave your baby lately?

I wonder which genius came up with this?
But one thing is sure...
THIS baby NEEDS shaving!! :P