Monday, October 31, 2005

I hate Monday's !

I used to say that when still living in Germany since this would be the first working day of a week. When working over here, that changed to "I hate Saturdays". Well ... Today that changed. I had my day off yesterday... but today I hate Monday not for the fact that I am back at work... I hate it because someone close to me is leaving Kuwait.

I know this guy for at least 18 years... we been thru a lot of ups and downs together... from learning German over not talking to eachother for 3 years because I took his girlfriend to working together in Kuwait.
He is more or less happy to go back (can't really blame him) and is always smiling when he is speaking of the unavoidable flight back to Frankfurt. But me and some of the new friends he made here will miss him.
- How can I win in tablesoccer (or baby foot like it's called here) without him?
- Who can I bug for "high" Arabic words now?
- Who will go fishing with me now?

Well ... I'll survive it for sure ... but I am definitely not happy about the circumstances that made him leave Kuwait.

The only good thing today so far is ... the roads where empty and I only had to brake once for a truck and once for a pick-up on my way to work ... :P

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Kids! Don't try this at home!

I should have known better...

After all those thousands of kilometers driving on the speedy lane in Kuwait i should have known better... WAY BETTER!!!

Simple situaton ... 3 lanes at a red traffic light. Left of me was a Kuwaiti chick in a Mercedes, right of me a truck with trailer (the ones where you thnk he can be happy to carry a load of styrofoam without the trailer braking into two halfs) and me of course in the middle lane. For people that are familiar with the roads here ... it was the exit off from highway 40 (coming from Fahaheel) on to 7th ring road.

Well ... i guess the people left and right of me where just as much in a hurry as i was ... so as soon as the light turned green all of us took off... It was working real nice ... till ... the Mercedes came very close to my left rear view mirror and the rest of my car. On the right side the truck was also coming very close.

OK ... i thought "you better stop, or the Mercedes will hit you and police will give you a hard time since she is Kuwaiti" ... so i did. This girl was driving from her left lane completly into mine ... good thing I stopped.

OK ... I am supposed to be the fastest ... but there is times where i just give up for 30 seconds and then I decide to pay it back ... overtake this guy/girl and scream something like "WTF !!!" while passing...


The rear end of the trailer also came on to my lane ... with the only difference that the part of the lane whicht he choose was still occupied with my car!

Mercedes gone ... truck not willing to stop ... police not around ... me in a bad hurry to be on time for work ... F..K !!! Guess i just lost a few KD for repairing the car...

Now what went wrong ... a team of Kuwait traffic experts and me studied this case very thourogh.

  1. I did not flirt with the Kuwaiti chick to the left.
  2. I did not use the high beam to warn either one of them.
  3. I was not playing with the throttle while waiting for green, showing the others that i really have a fast and powerfull car and i am in a hurry.
  4. I did not stay in my lane using the horn to show both of them that i don't care about them and need to go first.

I told you ... I should have known better ...

P.S. Anyone knows a good garage? OUTSIDE OF SHOUWAIK !!!

Tagged by unknown entity

After being lectured yesterday about what a tag actually is ... well... here it is:

7 things I plan to do
1) Break the Kuwait land speed record for cars

2) See snow back home in Dec.
3) Go diving somewhere in the Gulf or in the Maledives in Jan./Feb.
4) move out of the company apartment
5) use my bonus miles to fly business class
6) Help making a revolution in Kuwait

7) Own a night club in Kuwait (only after 6 is done sucsessfully)

7 things I can do:
1) laugh
2) driving fast
3) diving deep

4) park
5) discuss all kinds of things
6) admitt a mistake
7) Talk bullshit

7 things I can't do:
1) drive slow
2) be serious over a period longer then 6 hours
3) do something without thinking
4) remember what indian food i had last time and that i would like to eat again
5) write my resume without help ... :P (Thank you again!)

6) understand arabic (sad if you think of me being here for 2 years!)
7) be always on time

7 things I always say:
1) outta my way!
2) WTF !!
3) I gave that to you already!
4) Well ...
5) ehhhmm ...
6) sah! or sah?
7) No sir! I was not that fast... Your camera must be broken.

And now ... I tag Mariam!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Mornin' all

Let me introduce myself. My name is Evil Knievel (not really but police in Kuwait called me like that once), I am 29 (just another few weeks) and I am a German kafir (non-believer) living in Kuwait for almost 2 years already.
A kafir like me comes into a lot of funny, scary, strange situations in Kuwait ... and that's what I'll be bloggin' about.
Have patience with me since I don't think I am a good writer ... but we'll see ...
I am sure with the help of someone living very close to me I'll be able to present reasonable good results ... :P
She had to help me already to get my blog started ... hope I don't bug her all the time :)

So ... let me see ...
Life in the speed lane ... can be over quick ... specially here with all them crazy truck drivers and little pickup trucks that think they own the highway. But what can I say ... I speed ... ALOT. :P
Call me names, curse me out, ... I think this is in my blood being German and being used to REAL highways with actual RULES. Well, one of the rules in Germany is ... DRIVE ... almost as fast as you want ... 250 km/h would not be a big issue ... here ... it unfortunately is. Even though the highways here are not that bad at all ... nice wide lanes ... Asphalt is ok ... 2 emergency lanes (I wonder why they are not used as such) ... BUT ... the drivers.
I heard a lot of stories on how people over here get a drivers license ... from just paying a few KD, failing miserably and still getting one to just pretending to have one...
But all this would go into details that I would like to talk about later.
For now I am just happy that my blog is working ... :D

So ... see you (but only for a split second since I overtake you with 220 km/h) :P

KIDS! Don't try that at home!!!

Evil Knievel