Saturday, May 10, 2008

208 and Highway 51

Location: Highway 51
Time: 2:30 am
Date: Friday March 9th 2008

We thought we'll watch the Kuwaiti suicide culture a little and see their training sessions...
Street Racers!
As far as i know there is only three places to go to in Kuwait to see them. 208 and highway 51 / Wafra / Jahra.
We arrived on 51 and saw a bunch of cars lined up at the side of the road... nothing fancy... only some pimped SUV's, Mustangs, bikes and Datsun's. Like I said ... nothing fancy...
I was hoping for nice clean racing fun... but hell no!!!
WTF are you guys doing there?!?! Going against traffic?!?! That is INSANE!!!
It's bad enough to use public roads for street races but i get the point of using 208 and 51 for it since there is hardly any traffic at night (specially at 208).
But what are you doing there!!! I don't get it!!! At all!!!
You guys are MAD !!! (and when you read this I am sure that you get a grin on your face and say: "YEAH!" thinking that this is toooooo cool!)
Is this a secret Al Quaida Training camp to train suicide drivers to run into road blocks and clear the way for the truck loaded with explosives??!?
Fuck that!!! I am in 'need for speed' as well ... but not like this!!! This is plain stupid!

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