Thursday, May 08, 2008

Update on 'See and be seen'

So the party was... OK!
Plenty of people (2000 where invited and all must have shown up)! All kinds of nationalities. High ranking military officials in fancy uniforms, Embassy staff from all over the place, business men and women and plenty of people like me... :P
Met a lot of people but forgot most of their names... (really bad with names!)
My potential sheika to maintain me was also there... In fact there where 3! Wealthy, good looking and bored of life. So let's see what happens there... ;)
Basically all mayor American type restaurants where present giving away free food! I tried as much as i can and was stuffed after 1 hour... Yummy stuff but no pork! Big disappointment!
Alcohol was served after the official part at around 9-9.30 and it was more then welcomed by the guest. In fact one guest was carried away by ambulance with alcohol problems and one was escorted out of the premises after sexually assaulting a teenage American girl. Both where Arab! :P
An ambassador who i will not mention by name was hitting really hard on my 'date' telling her he would love to see the chocolate from the chocolate fountain run all over her body! Darn! I was standing right next to her when he did that! He didn't really care since he too was a victim of alcohol.
Someone offered me to buy his 58" yacht for US$ and I said I'll think about it... (I will need time to think about how to get that amount of cash without robbing several banks!)
And hey! There are some hotties working in the U.S. Embassy!! Probably the best looking and best dressed one was a Pakistani women in a gorgeous red dress... (but I don't think she could maintain me :P ).
My 'date' was probablly THE attraction! maybe because I went shopping for cloth with her for this event and made sure she'll be really sexy! :P So if any of 'my female' readers need advice on what to wear ... drop me a line and I'll help you out for a couple of bucks ... :P
Like I mentioned earlier, I couldn't take the Wiesmann there since it would have been far away at the Amiri Diwanyia parking lot. But I'll try for the next big event!
Ohhh!!! The effin cleaners took my goody bag away from me filled with all kinds of crap. The only cool thing where a few coffe cups that I would have sponsored to my office... the rest was all stuff to throw away anyways. No big loss.
Dispite the fact that my contact to the American Embassy just got a little bit weaker last week, I am pretty sure I'll be there for the next events as well... Gotta make sure that I'll meet the girl in red! :P


Grey said...

Muahahah ! dont you hate it when someone totally ignores and makes nasty comments at your babe ! and that too men with saggy balls that reach the floor? $#%#%

Evil Knievel said...

Believe me ... if she really would have been my date it would have been 4 people that left the embassy not out of there own free will ...
2 for the hospital and 2 for the police station ... :)