Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank you Mr. Barrister P. Williams for letting me know that your late client passed away and left me a few million pounds!! Didn't know that there is people in Australia that care that much about me!! :)
Here is the email that saved me from working for the rest of my life!!
And hey... maybe the same guy left something behind for YOU as well!! :P

Listed Beneficiary (Reply To:
From: Ian L Mackay (

Sequel to your non response of our earlier letter to you on behalf of the Trustees & Executors to the Will of our late client.I wish to notify you that you were listed as a beneficiary to the sum of £5,500,000.00GBP(Five million Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds).We therefore reckoned that you can receive this funds as you are qualified by your name identity.We request that you kindly fwd to us your immediate response.
For More Details, your reply should be sent to:
Barrister P. Williams.
This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by the BCEC Security Gateway, and is believed to be clean. Brisbane Catholic Education however gives no warranties that this e-mail is free from computer viruses or other defects. Except for responsibilities implied by law that cannot be excluded, Brisbane Catholic Education, its employees and agents will not be responsible for any loss, damage or consequence arising from this e-mail.

Don't you just love these emails?!? Just sad that there is a few hundred thousand people on this planet that actually believe this crap !! In other words... THIS IS NONSENSE !!!

Nonesense on my desk

Besides some work that is nonsense too, i have two things on my desk that just collect some dust are are good for nothing.

The ancient Egyptian 'gold-snow globe' is a gift from our Finance Manager... can't really put this away if I want to keep my good relations with the Finance Department, can I?!
The other thingy is a enormous bolt and nut that I took from stores (the cigarette pack is not really useless if you are a smoker like me, it's just there to show you how big the bolt is). It should actually go onto one of our machines... It's always good fun when someone is trying to pick it up! It weighs around 15 kg!! :P
Why do I have this on my desk ... I don't know ...
Why do I blog about this ... I don't know ... :P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your last chance to VOTE !!!

If you are a responsible person you should vote! Right?!?
Don't let others decide your future!!
Don't complain that everything is bad if you didn't vote!
So come and vote here!!
(see my poll on the right!?!)

Weekend still in ruins...

Remember the sad day? It was a few weeks ago when silently the 'weekend' in Kuwait had vanished. Let me remind you of this very sad day here.

Since then my life has been boring and miserable. No more french-baguette-chicken-sharwerma ... no more "yowante wiz frensh frieze?" ... no more mint flavoured toothpicks ... no more arguing about who placed the better shots or had the better hideout when coming from playing Call of Duty 4 ... (actually we never played after the 'weekend' came down).

Last weekend I passed the 'Weekend' and saw this:

I thought that I am witnessing a wormhole or time travel at first ... stopped ... stared ... took a picture ... pinched myself ... compared with the old picture ... I wasn't dreaming ...
Since it came down NOTHING moved ... just the excavator moved the boom a little ...

Whats happening there?!?! Court case or something?!? Can't move the evidence?!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I WANT EVEN MORE !!! (Wiesmann GT MF5)


Aluminium Monocoque, glued and riveted
High-quality, glass fibre reinforced composite material
V10 front-mounted mid-engine
Engine capacity 4.999 ccm
Rated power/rated speed 373 kW / 507 BHP / 7.750 rpm
Max. torque/speed 520 Nm / 6.200 rpm
7-speed SMG (sequential manual gearbox)
Rear wheel drive
Maximum speed: 310 km/h
(note: it's electronically locked)
Acceleration 0-100km/h: 3,9 sec.
245/40 ZR 19 - VA275/35 ZR 19 - HA
Double wishbone axle, stabiliser
Double wishbone axle with trailing link, stabiliser
1.380 kg
1.680 kg
Length: 4,30 m
Width:: 1,95 m
Height: 1,17 m

Anyone interested in sponsoring me to take this baby to the GulfRun 2008?! Cash donations are highly appriciated!! Contact me for my bank details...

I WANT ... (saints on a bench)

... 'saints on a bench' back in action!!!
You support me?!?! Leave a comment!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dishdashah, Gutrah, Ogal and black sunglasses

I knew it all the time !!!

The black sunglasses come along in a set with the rest of the dress!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am NOT Evel ...

I am NOT Robert Craig 'Evel' Knievel ... a daring motorcycle stuntman and hero for some. He broke pretty much every bone we humans have. I know that some of my friends will deny and say that I AM... but no... *3 times knocking on wood*... I NEVER broke any of my bones.. AND I don't ride bikes... NEITHER do I dress like him (unless someone pays me serious money for it)!

Besides... I am Evil! :)

15 minutes of my life wasted

Look at the picture below and tell me the guy who stands in the middle (little white piece of trash) is not a complete #$%*^$ and a #^% #$#!@@ and he deserves to get his #$% *&^#&% !
It was not him letting me out but the silver car on the right side of the picture... I so wanted to give this guy (or maybe woman) a piece of mind ... but then he/she would have just wasted another 20 minutes of my life!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Water Gel II

I get more and more hits on my water gel entry and everyone is looking for instructions. So here we go:

  • It's ment for plants or decoration! Not for you to drink (or eat).
  • If you get in contact with it ... don't lick your fingers ... and if you got it in your eyes you WILL TURN BLIND !!
    (not that I am really aware of the dangers it might cause but still ... DON'T MESS WITH IT)
  • If it is 'gone' ... you just forgot to add water to it ...
  • Keep it wet with water!! Depending on how much of that gel you were using you NEED TO ADD WATER once in a while! Just try how much water you can add without the gel being all liquid.

That wasn't to hard... was it?!?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Confucius ... what he didn't say!

Things Confucius should have said as well (but didn't to protect Chinese economy):

- If one buys Chinese products he should be able to read Chinese manuals!
- If one cannot read Chinese manuals he should hire someone who does!
- If one buys cheap Chinese products he will pay more in the end!
- If it looks cheap it is cheap (Chinese or not)!
- If one is still forced to buy cheap Chinese products he deserves pity!

Translation done with Babelfish!

Can any of the Chinese readers please tell me if this translation was any good?!?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nokia Sports Tracker (TriPics)

So I tried the sports tracker thingy on my E90...
It's buggy !!! Very buggy !!!
It's supposed to let you take pictures and videos while you are 'tracking' and then later add it to your 'workout' ... but usually this is where the application stops taking data from the GPS.
So today on my way to work I tried it again with just taking the route and no pictures or video... stopped responding after 2 minutes ... SAD!
I hope they bring a newer, more stable version out soon ... I like the idea of the application since I am planning a mayor road trip next year, but as long as it is so buggy it's just annoying...

Update 18/08/08: I kept trying the application with the same results... I even updated my phone software and stuff ... nooooooo changes ...
So it's good bye sports tracker !! (for now!)

Update 23/08/08: If anyone found a solution for this problem, please comment!! Thanks :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yes ... there is pictures in barcodes as well ... :)

One without a picture but with another message...

Nokia Mobile Code

I had this application called Barcode on my E90 and didn't really know what it is good for ...

What ever code I scanned was not understood. Today I stumbled over Nokias website and found a few new gadgets and one of them is a 'creator for barcodes' that can be read by some Nokias that have a cam (and the software installed).
Want to see if it works?

Scan this:

The other gadget is the sports tracker... (see the little window to the right called TriPic?! not there anymore because application is too buggy)
It lets you use your GPS to record your trip and associates any Media you are creating or playing during this time. So lets say you walk from Marina Crescent to the Scientific Center it will show it on a map and will display the picture you might have taken from the Hard Rock Cafe as well ... :)
I am going to try it for a little while and let you know how good it actually works...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Awesome diving in Kuwait FOR REAL

FINALLY a successful dive trip in Kuwait!
I went to Garrouh Island (is it spelled this way?) and it was really nice! Visibility between 0-16 meters was about 8-10 meters and below 20 meters it got really sad... but who cares... the nice stuff is to be found anywhere between 2-18 meters! :)

Here are some pictures:

From top to bottom:

  • Stingray (it was actually two of them!) passing right next to the boat. Unfortunately the camera was set to take sepia shots.
  • getting ready to "go over board".
  • You could see the bottom of the sea (about 6 meters) under the boat!
  • The bunch of us just before the second dive.

The drift was quite heavy but this made the dives actually quite easy... go down... balance yourself... drift... keep your eyes open for things to see. :)
On the second dive I found a lion fish hiding behind a big rock. I am trying to get the picture of it from the dive instructor (Ali from KIM Dive Center) that was diving with me.

All in all a very nice trip! Didn't expect it after my bad luck earlier this year!
Good briefings / good equipment / super friendly staff / 'big' boat

I am sure I'll go diving with them again! (there is supposed to be a wreck at Kubbar! anyone got some info on that?!?)

Monday, August 04, 2008

I am just a little ...

... proud of my country stats for this blog. Never thought that people from so many countries would visit it. I know... some of you have this per day... I have this in weeks ... but still ... I am a little proud of it! And herewith declare my love to my StatsCounter! :)

Small update 18/08/08: It's 32 countries by now... :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

2nd August '91 in Frankfurt / Germany

I was 16 when one fine day the news channels all reported that Hussein is staging his Army close to the borders to Kuwait with the intention to hold some training... none of us really believed it.
Then it was official! He did invade Kuwait!
There where not a lot of pictures... at least I don't remember any! But we where all outraged!!
To be totally honest... I didn't even know about Kuwait or where it is before it was all over the news.
My school was very liberal and left wing... so when ever something happened that screamed for a demonstration ... most of our students where there screaming the loudest!
So we did go on the streets of Frankfurt and let everybody know that this is not OK...
What was our solution??? We where all hoping for some U.N. resolution that would force Iraq to withdraw. Very quickly it became obvious that the U.S. wanted to lead a coalition of various Armies into war to free Kuwait.

Please don't stone me for this, I was young and full of ideals, but I thought that this would be even more terrible then what the Iraqis did! We figured that the U.S. had no real reason to go there but to save the steady flow of oil and to strengthen their position in the middle east... (at least with this we where right).

Not that we didn't consider the Kuwaitis and the Expats suffering who where remaining in Kuwait (and even the ones that made it out of Kuwait and left family and home behind) but starting a war against the 4th or 5th biggest Army at that time seemed no option since many many more casualties on all sides would be the result. We seriously thought that it could be solved on a table with all parties sitting together and talking reasonable...

Then the U.S. lead coalition attacked... I still see those night shot pictures from Baghdad... I was glued to the T.V. in the middle of the night... I had the feeling that this will be the night when the Americans will attack, thats why I saw the first pictures on air! The next morning in school we where all super tired since we all called each other at night to switch on TV to see the attack. Big discussions broke out since the Iraqis showed pictures of civilian casualties and this was why we didn't want the war to break out in the first place! Again we where on the streets protesting: "NO BLOOD FOR OIL" ...

A lot of blood was shed... on all sides...

My country, Germany, stayed neutral at all times... at least in the news...
In fact we supported the Coalition Forces with logistics in Germany... gave them water treatment systems... water tanks... fuel... Ammunition... MONEY (shit loads in fact)... and we gave them a tank that can operate under chemical/biological and nuclear wasted environments.
It was scary to see what happened in Frankfurt Airport at that time... Hundreds of U.S. Air Force planes came and left to Saudi or Kuwait. i never seen so many military aircraft in my whole life!!
I seriously do not remember any pictures from Kuwait... only the 'Shock and Awe' pictures from CNN... and later the tanks moving towards Baghdad and the smart bombs hitting the AC shafts of buildings and stuff... but nothing about Kuwait... until... the burning oil fields!
That's when my mood swung and I thought that Saddam is a bigger son of a *%^& then I could have ever imagined!
Well ... I guess anyone writing about this time could go on and on about it ... specially the ones that where directly involved in it...

Just one more though.... Why the hell didn't they go all the way to Baghda to capture Saddam in 91/92?!? Why wait for another 11 years?!?