Monday, March 24, 2008

Brain fart ...

... Nasty nasty brain fart ...
and smelly too!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Function: adjective
Date: 1620
: lacking consistency: as a: not compatible with another fact or claim b: containing incompatible elements c: incoherent or illogical in thought or actions d: not satisfiable by the same set of values for the unknowns
— in·con·sis·tent·ly adverb

When was the last time you where inconsistent?

For me this is a hard to answer question because i like to believe that everything i do is what i want to do and everything is going according to 'my plan' (and therefore consistent).
So do i really act consistent!? I guess most of the time I do! Or?

But here's the point... i know that there are a few things where my actions do not not match my thoughts and ideas which would make me inconsistent.

like at work...
you have this client or this one particular person you do not like ... so work where you would need to involve him/her gets delayed for the fact that you don't like him ... but you (I)actually now that this is wrong and it shouldn't be that way.
There are also these reports to fill out or to cross check... boring work... you know you need to do it... but you don't...

Or with friends...
You get a call and are asked to join someone or are invited to a party. Do you really reply with the truth (and this is what I believe in) if you don't feel like it for whatever reason!?? "yeah! great! I'll come!" and then ditch them later? or do you tell the truth right away? "nah... not today... don't feel like it... sorry". You know you should tell the truth (since he/she is your friend!)... but do you?

Finding your own inconsistencies is really not easy and our values/thoughts/ideas change with time and experience. It's much easier to point out friends, colleagues, family members, politicians and others!

Some other inconsistencies I find with me/friends/colleagues/family members:
"I don't drink often!" - but drinking every weekend or whenever there is something available
"I can't believe that there are so many accidents in Kuwait!" - but driving drunk
"I am really broke!" - but buying expensive stuff or worse borrow money to buy expensive stuff
"I am liberal!" - but being stuck in tradition/religion/family values/...
"I am not Arab!" - but holding a GCC or Lebanese passport
"I love my wife/girlfriend!" - but trying to f..k everything that's not up on a tree by the count of three!
"I hate Kuwait!" - but staying here for years!
"I hate my Job!" - but not even putting out resumes or not taking any offers
"I am your friend!" - but not really knowing who you are or what you do/feel/think
"I am really your friend!" - but back stabbing where ever possible
"let's do something on the weekend!" - but then sleeping or not feeling up for anything
"I need to quit smoking!" - but buying 2 packs a day
"I love my son!" - but not sending money to the ex wife to take care of him
"How are you?!" - and then not listening on what you have to say
"I am doing fine!" - but being really down

Inconsistencies with politicians:
"Vote for me! I'll make everything better!" - but it stays the same or gets worse
"Taxes need to be cut!" - but it's getting more and more
"..." - and the exact opposite happens

So 'being inconstant' means that you are lying to yourself or others... right!?
If your answer is 'yes'... aren't we all liars?!? And we just invented a new word for it in 1620?