Sunday, May 11, 2008

Surprise, surprise

Short breakdown of my day so far:

- Meeting to buy a vehicle tracking system for our fleet of trucks.
- Call from the CEO to take some pictures of part of the factory for some Ministry.
- Passing home to pick my camera ... and then ...

DING DONG !!! Door Bell ...
I thought it's the DVD guy is trying to sell bad copies to me or the Harris telling me to move my car or something... NO... It was 'the old one'! Almost forgot that from today on I am sharing my apartment!
She smiled, asked if Madam called me... no... she didn't... 'Ohh' she replied. 'Then you don't know?'. I had noooooo idea what she was talking about. 'I came to pick up the plants and things that we already moved in!'. 'What?!? Well ... OK ... go ahead...' I replied wondering what the hell is going on now with 'the big one' (a.k.a. 'drama queen').
So when the plants and the old one left I called the big one.
'Ohhh! guess what! Bla bla bla... I am moving to Oman! ... I can stay in my Apartment... I feel like the cow in the movie "twister" that was flying across the street... my (ex-) boyfriend will move me into another apartment and pay for it... bla bla bla... my job is going in circles... I paid school till the end of the year... the cow Evil Knievel, the cow... I am moving to Oman in June... my mother in Oman... he will pay... bla bla bla... big bucks... the embassy is looking for an apartment... I might go to 'Jamaica Apartments'... bla bla bla... plants... moving... embassy... come for coffee... thank you! bye!'.
I took only this much out of the 10 minute phone call. All I said was:' aha... OK... yes... aha.. OK... cool... OK... twister is the movie... OK... aha... let's see... you are welcome... bye...'.

OK... what ever her reasons to change her mind within the last 12 hours since I last spoke with her, it's cool with me! I offered my help since she was in need and it turned out that she found a better solution then to cramp us all into my little place. Just good that I didn't take a day off for helping her move her shit!
I didn't have too much work in preparing my part (just getting rid of everything the little one should not be exposed too) and after all of them showing up to clean, my apartment is now ready to be inspected by a U.S. Marines Drill Sergeant and getting away with only 50 push-ups (they always find something and if not they'll make something up), that's how clean it is...

What's the bad side of it?
- No maid
- No hot food when coming home
- No live entertainment at home when bored
- No more plants in my place

Whats the good side of it?
- still gonna have movie nights!!
- no female touch in my bachelors place
- spring cleaning done
- no reason to act responsible in my place (because the little one is not there)
- no standing in line at the bathroom door
- smoking still permitted everywhere
- no drama stories from the big one

So all in all... it was just another drama story from the big one... :)
May she find peace and harmony one day! :P


Caleb Bardeforte said...

yay - more movie nights!

EXzombie said...

welcome to Safat