Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tagged to be honest

I've been tagged by NEOARK
Honest Tag
The rules are simple: write 10 things honestly about your self and tag 7 blogger to do the same.

The rules might be simple but the tag ain't. Anyways... here we go:

1- On a flight from New York to Boston in a tiny ass prop jet I fell asleep drooling right next to one of the hottest women I ever met. Since then I was never lucky again with my seat neighbor on a flight!

2- In front of my boss I pretend to work much more then I really do. Not only to look good and to hope for a raise, but also to have more time to goof off at work!

3- I was afraid of losing my life several times. Once or twice while driving and two times when I was in the military stationed in Croatia and had to go on a convoy thru Bosnia in 1996. But I never feared flights! Even tho I had a near crash experience on a military flight in a C-130. I always start smiling when everyone else in the plane starts to panic.

4- I started smoking Cigarettes in complete secrecy. Not even my closest friends knew for over one year. Now everyone knows I am smoking (too much).

5- I was as tall as I am now when I was 15. 192cm ...

6- I had no clue about Kuwait when I signed the contract to come here other then the amount of money I was going to make and that it was right next to Iraq. It was a pleasant surprise when I walked into the arrival hall at the airport and saw all the fast food and Starbucks. It got even better when I was driven to my apartment with 170km/h listening to RKFM and my Boss telling me that speeding as a foreigner working for the US military is not a really an issue in Kuwait...

7- I don't drink alcohol! Never did (except once in school i took a sip out of a champagne bottle to celebrate the birthday of a girl I had a crush on)! Was never tempted... I have other things that make me happy and smile. But I will drink together with my dad when he will retire. A small beer!

8- When I am out of Kuwait I start missing it after a few days. When I am in Kuwait I complain about it almost every day!

9- The fastest I was ever driving was 318 km/h in an Aston Martin Vanquish S owned by a Kuwaiti who had no clue that I am driving it! Funny enough it was in Kuwait and not in Germany where speeds like this would be legal on some highways. To be exact, it was on Highway 51.

10- I sometimes wish I could turn back time to do things different. Still, I don't really regret the things I did in my life.

I should tag 7 people... fell free to be tagged!
Who I would really like to see doing this is Flaming Carrot! Feel free to do it in comments (traffic fines)...


Neoark said...

hehe, and you complain about driving in kuwait XD

me2 i used to wish to turn back time, but heck i come to live w/ it...

MacaholiQ8 said...

@ 5: and I thought I was tall! (183cm)

@ 8: We all do!

@ 9: Lucky *b-word*. :P
Believe it or not, I haven't driven over 210kph although my Z can do +240kph.

heh... that was interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

on #7 ...

Really? How can u be a german and not drink!? what do u do in germany then if ur on a date or in a night out?!?!?!??!?!?

Not even the mulled wine every one seems to be soooo fond of in the winter? The smell is sickening i give you that... but then most europeans do not mind it?

Evil Knievel said...

Neoark: I just complaint about idiots... when I 'race' the streets are empty... I drive with respect for others!! But plenty people here don't even respect themselfs!

MacaholiQ8: hehehe... you are tall with 183! Just shorter then me ... :P
I still find it strange that I miss Kuwait that much! But I guess with being here for so long and having so many friends here it is normal.
Why don't you go on 51 or 70?? Or maybe 7th ring road?? There's no fixed cameras and hardly any traffic! :) Let me know and we'll go together... I'll scout the cops for ya! :P
So if it was interesting.... I tag YOU! :)

danderma: Hahaha... I get this coment ALL THE TIME... Well, let's say I had a few perfect examples on why alcohol is not the best thing in my family and among my friends. I have no problem with anyone drinking... but I know that it could be very dangerous for me! i am an addictive person... if I like it I want more and more...
And yes... that wine stinks! But it makes you warm (but they also sell a 'kids' version of it with no alcohol... thats what I usually take).

Neoark said...

lol i see ;p

MacaholiQ8 said...

Heh thanks but I quit tags long ago. :P

I know a better and longer road to push the limit of my car but I just don't feel like it. Ever been to Wafra road? ;)