Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 saw whats in my trunk and 7 came to help

I think I need to be more careful about the stuff that I write on this blog!!
First I tell all of you about the traffic in Kuwait and decide to draw just ONE comic about it myself. Then a few days later I tell you about Jinxed... Good thing I skipped the two entries in between!!!

So this is what happened yesterday:

Driving home from work after picking my car up in the morning from service.
I reached 5th ring road on the Fahaheel Express Way (30 for the guys that haven't been here that long) and the usual traffic jam occurs.
I stay on the left lane since I need to go past the 4th ring to get my exit...
Drive 200 meters ... stop ... drive 200 meters ... stop ...
Then I reached the exit to 4th ring road ... I am underneath the bridge still on the left lane. The car in front of me stops. So do I. No squeaking tires or anything like this ... just a stop like all of us on the highway at this point did 20-30 times since passing 5th ring road.
Out of pure curiosity I look into my review mirror and see this car getting bigger and bigger in my mirror...
I let go of the steering wheel .... lean back against the seat ... my head against the head rest ... BAAAAAAANG !!!!
The car behind me failed to brake ... popped open my trunk ... smashed the rear end of my car ... the front end of his ... I drive to the EMERGENCY lane... so does he... 5 guys get out of the car and 3 start walking away (Indian labor) ... he starts telling me stuff in Arabic I don't understand ... but I got something like that it is my fault because I was breaking so hard!!! That's when I asked him if he or his friend speaks English. When both denied I let go a barrage of insults and complaints. he still insisted it's my fault.
A cop car (number 7 in my cartoon and even on the same side of the road as in my cartoon) stopped at another accident that must have happened a few minutes before mine... I wave to the cop and signal him to come over to help us out here.
Another cop car comes and stops in front of us ...
We talk a little ... BANG ... BANG ... BANG ... BANG ... another 5 cars just ran to each other...
After waiting till the cops filled out the initial report, I am off to the Maidan Hawally Police Station. After maybe an hour some mandoob tells me that before I can speak with the detective I need to get copies of all the paperwork. So across the street there's a small INSURANCE company who probably make more money with copies then with insurances.
Another 20 minutes later the detective has a few minutes for me and finds out that me is German. "Danke" he says ... "Bitte" I reply ... asking him if he was ever in Germany. So he gives me that he is really busy with a BIIIIIG case and if it is OK for me to come back tomorrow ... just to pick up my paper work since it was clearly not my fault. Sure thing!
Informed the rental car agency about the incident and they said they can only assist as soon as the police report is done. How nice of National Rental Car to have someone with you in case there are issues at the police or something and to offer the replacement car as mentioned in the contract... I seriously think National needs some ass kicking!!! And so does that imbecile that hit me!


Flaming C said...

Hopefully you got a wasta-ful blog reader for any help you might need :-P

Kuwait Surviv0r said...

Good thing you didn't get damaged!!

But just to add a kick in this, did you have enough time to build the rock mountain? :P

Evil Knievel said...

Flaming C.:
any mechanic reading this???

Kuwait Surviv0r:
No rocks to be found anywhere close ... :P
Should put some in my car!

MacaholiQ8 said...

Heh, sorry to hear that man. Glad to know you came out in one piece.

Even if it was your fault, Kuwaiti traffic laws are so stupid that the driver of the car behind is 99.9% blamed for any fender-bender accidents. That 0.1% is for wasta of course. ;p