Thursday, January 08, 2009


If you are interested in finding E.T., a cure for cancer or AIDS or help predicting the climate change you should continue reading this post.

I am sure some of you might have noticed this little graphic with some cryptic stats at the bottom of my blog. It's my stats for BOINC.

BOINC is an open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources on PC's/Mac's/Linux/Solaris/... systems.
The basic idea behind this project, thats been going on for a few years already, is that there is a lot of unused computing resource thruout the world. These computers could be used to do something useful while on idle or while not being used.

All started with a project called SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). A giant radio telescope produced so much data that it was not posible for the scientists to go thru all of it. So they came up with the idea of involving the public by having them download parts of the data and having their computer do the work for them and then submitting the results back to the scientists. This is the basic concept that stands behind BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). BOINC has almost 565,000 active computers (hosts) worldwide processing on average 1.287 PFLOPS as of December 2008, which tops the processing power of the current fastest supercomputer system (IBM Roadrunner, with a sustained processing rate of 1.026 PFLOPS).

With this enormous computer power it is possible to calculate very complex things like climate change or physic theories.

By now there are plenty of projects in which BOINC users can participate. From searching for ET to a cure for cancer and AIDS or the prediction of climate change or ... or...
All you need to support them is a computer with internet connection and their software running in the background.

It's safe, secure, and easy:
Choose projects
Download and run BOINC software
Enter an email address and password.
Or, if you run several projects, try an account manager such as GridRepublic or BAM!.

Currently there are 88 people registered for Kuwait. Unfortunately they are not all active.
Here are some of the results of various projects run by BOINC.

Hope you'll participate and give your free computer time to science! :)


Flaming Carrot said...

Wow you don't even have to really do anything to feel guilt free and feel like you are contributing to the worlds causes! Now my subconscious can finally let me sleep in peace! Yay, You are too good to be evil, Mr Knievel.

Evil Knievel said...

do i hear sarcasm in these words??

Kuwait Surviv0r said...

I DO respect BOINC's thingy, but Stanford already have their own thing which has been out for atleast, umm, years......

The Folding@Home thingy... I'm actually in my friend's team there with few of my friends running protein unfolding clients and all (53527)

You can run it in Windows\Linux\PS3\OS SUX (OS X...... Just add "SU" :P)...... I prefer using Stanford's software which is already been there and actually accomplished something...... Not like I don't recommend that BOINC, I just feel that Folding@Home is a better option......

Keep up the good work Evil Knievil...... I really like your blog =D