Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to work

Today is my first working day in 2009... hurray ... :(
I was supposed to work yesterday already but due to some unforeseen events I couldn't make it.
It's effin cold in my office and the heater doesn't really do anything to change that. The tiles on the floor are so cold that the cold seeps thru my shoes and sends cold shivers thru my body.
Besides the cold there is really nothing new happening... the market for our product is still down and it seems that this will not change within the next few months.
I have this technical guy here from a computer company that is supposed to give me a quote on WLAN hardware for a link to our new office. I told him now 6 times that all he needs to do is give me prices on the hardware I asked for. Still he wants to do a 'site-survey'... No idea why he keeps on insisting to do so even after I told him that there where already 3 guys here and all of them quoted the same hardware independent from each other... But since he made the long way out here I showed him where the stuff needs to go and so on... but when he insisted that I should climb our chimney with him to show him to where the WLAN link is going I refused.
First of all it's effin cold (I think I mentioned that already a few times) and secondly I been up there myself already 3 times and I can guarantee that no buildings have been constructed that could block the clear line of sight after my last climb up there.
I guess he's pissed a little now ... but WTF ... all I want is a quote for hardware!! he's downstairs in his car waiting for 'his big boss' to arrive... I wonder if this guy also wants to climb chimneys with me... I don't want to get unfriendly with him as well. :)
So as for now ... I should have stayed at home!


Flaming Carrot said...

Lol, I feel like there's a Santa somewhere in this story with all the chimney climbin goin on.........

Evil Knievel said...

I just wish that Santa would finally bring me my new toys after climbing so much... :)

Grey said...

so how did it go ? wish you had extended holidays?

Evil Knievel said...

YES! :(
actually I wish I could either get a new job or retire!! :)