Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jinxed !!!

"Today, I get two texts from my girlfriend. First one says everything was over. Second one says that the other message wasn’t for me. Jinxed!"

"Today, I see a friend on the street. He doesn't see me, so, just for fun, I call him on his cell. He took his phone out of his pocket, sighed, and didn't answer. Jinxed!"

"Today, I was having a romantic dinner at my place with this boy I've just started dating. My phone rang, but i decided not to pick up. The voice mail started recording, and we could hear "hey there, quit f**king and pick up the phone, it's your dad, hahahah"Jinxed!"

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Neoark said...

for moment, i thought you like boys XD

Kuwait Surviv0r said...

few days ago, i went to pack up and move my stuff from our house to the rental house since we're moving out...

my gf said "break a leg" and ended up almost breaking my own leg (not feet)

literally jinxed