Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kuwait Driving lessons part #16 "That Rainy Day"

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"That Rainy Day"
That was is for now with Kuwait driving lessons. If you have more ideas on what topics should be included, give me a traffic fine... :)


Kuwait Surviv0r said...

Hahaha I LOLed at the rock thingy...... Good thing the comic is actually referring to something old...... Keep'em coming man

Evil Knievel said...

Something old???
are you kidding??? I see trucks and cars at the side of the road with stones or what ever other object they can find (that is not a warning triangle) behind them...
When did you drive on 30 the last time?!? :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

ROFLMFAO!!!11one... xD

Man he sure has saved the best for last! I was tearing form laughter especially on the first paragraph "Honest, it really will" Bwhaha!! xD

First of all I want to thank you for sharing those hilarious lessons and I want to send out my kind regards to the author. It saddens me to admit that he said nothing but the truth about our traffic. That driving mentality gets passed through generations and I don't think there's a way we can fix it.

And I have to agree with you on your last comment. I see them everyday. Now I have no idea where this bastard got this one but one time I saw a car with a freakin' water heater left a few meters behind the car and few inches inside the right lane! How F-ing insane is that?!

I have three "Traffic Fines" for you...
1- National/Liberation Day Madness! +plus+ Foaming!
2- Wafra Street Drifters.
3- Suicidal Expats.

Now after your permission I would like to link back to your "traffic lessons" posts in my Kuwait Speed Limit post... ok ?

Evil Knievel said...

Sure ... go ahead ... :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)