Saturday, January 10, 2009

So I won again!


To: undisclosed (but I bet you it went to a few thousand people)

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are delighted to inform you of your prize release on 3rd January 2009 from the British E-mail Lottery programme.
This is fully based on an electronic selection of winners using their e-mail addresses,your email was attached to ticket number 56475600545 188,serial number 5368/02.
Your winning details falls within our UK/EUROPEAN booklet representative office as indicated in the draw system and we have forwarded your winning details to ourUK/EUROPEAN processing agent for the processing of your documents.
Simply contact our fiduciary agent,British E-mail Lottery Fiduciary Agent:
Mr. Williams Smith

3.Marital Status:

Fill in the details above to your claims agent for verification.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Carol Ronin

Isn't that great!?! Just because I have an email I won! I have no clue how much but I WON!!!
This is what a few thousand people might think when they get the email above... hastly filling in their contact details to make way for more personalised scams.
To make it clear: THIS IS FRAUD!!! Just like these here!
Anyways ... I will send them some details to see what happens next... let's have some fun with them! :)


Evil Knievel said...

Here is what I replied ... let's see what they have to say to my sob story!

Mr. Williams Smith,

I can not express how excited I am to be a winner in this lottery! And it comes at such a great time! I just lost my Job due to the financial crises and with it the bank took back my car and house.
My ex wife and my 3 children are nevertheless still demanding their right for a monthly cash transfer.
A lottery win would certainly help me out of this misery!
Below you can find my details. Let me know where to go from here!

Best regards,
Evil K.

1.Name: Evil K.
2.Address: Downing street 13, 1340 Fahaheel, Kuwait
3.Marital Status: divorced
4:Occupation: executive manager
5.Age: 33
6.Sex: male
7.Nationality: German
8.Telephone: none at the moment

Kuwait Surviv0r said...

Give me %5 of what you'll get if you actually got some.. Why? I'M A FAN DAMNIT!! :P

Evil Knievel said...

Here is their reply:

Dear Evil K,

This is to Confirm that this office has received your Winning Notificati on, with serial number: 5368/02 and ticket No.: 56475600545 188.

We have also confirmed from the UK/EUROPEAN office here in London, that you are indeed a Winner via your winning information you sent us. The Mode of payment is as follows:

1. Travelling down to London to personally collect your Winning Check/Cash. If you prefer this option: Please note that you will be liable for your ticket and hotel accommodation, and other expenses you might incur on the trip.

2. Sending you the Check via a Secured and Registered Courier Service. If you prefer this option, then you will pay the cost of the courier service.

Please Note that you will be Responsible for the Cost of such a service. As the Winning check is NON-DEDUCTIBLE. (THE BANK CANNOT DEDUCT ANY FEE FROM YOUR WINNING CHECK).

This cost of sending the check is £169.20 (ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE BRITISH POUNDS, TWENTY CENTS)

Send it to the Banks payment Officer via WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM, using this information:



AMOUNT: £ 169.20 British Pound = 273.782 US Dollar.

Email me the MONEY GRAM or Western Union reference numbers, so your winning check will be sent to you today.

Your check will be delivered to your address IMMEDIATELY.

Attorney Williams Smith.
UK/EUROPEAN: Claims Payment Agent/Accredited Attorney.

Evil Knievel said...

I replied back asking how much I won but no reply...
Kuwait Survivor ...want to pay the charges?? You can have the check!! :P

Evil Knievel said...

They never came with the amount of the check ... just a reminder that I have only two weeks to collect the check...