Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank you Mr. Barrister P. Williams for letting me know that your late client passed away and left me a few million pounds!! Didn't know that there is people in Australia that care that much about me!! :)
Here is the email that saved me from working for the rest of my life!!
And hey... maybe the same guy left something behind for YOU as well!! :P

Listed Beneficiary (Reply To:
From: Ian L Mackay (

Sequel to your non response of our earlier letter to you on behalf of the Trustees & Executors to the Will of our late client.I wish to notify you that you were listed as a beneficiary to the sum of £5,500,000.00GBP(Five million Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds).We therefore reckoned that you can receive this funds as you are qualified by your name identity.We request that you kindly fwd to us your immediate response.
For More Details, your reply should be sent to:
Barrister P. Williams.
This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by the BCEC Security Gateway, and is believed to be clean. Brisbane Catholic Education however gives no warranties that this e-mail is free from computer viruses or other defects. Except for responsibilities implied by law that cannot be excluded, Brisbane Catholic Education, its employees and agents will not be responsible for any loss, damage or consequence arising from this e-mail.

Don't you just love these emails?!? Just sad that there is a few hundred thousand people on this planet that actually believe this crap !! In other words... THIS IS NONSENSE !!!


Evil Knievel said...

WOW !!
Posted a few minutes ago and google is already providing search results to this entry and people following it...
i should maybe correct myself and say: 'there is a few MILLION people that believe this crap'

drama_ said...

lol you know whats funny? the other day i got something similar in my email inbox and the guy had spelled August "Auguest". i replied:

It's quite sad that you have 850,000 GBP to give away but you can't even spell "August" correctly. I suggest you use that money towards an education, or perhaps a spell check.

:P oo ham they replied!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I tought MM send the email the wrong person.

Anyway, I answered it :P

Shamisen said...

Ooooh, I received this one too - maybe we're related lol

Gabby said...

Ok, I receive a response HAHAHAH

"Dear Friend,

Thank you for your brief email response. Let me try to explain to you first and the details of this project because it is important that you understand why you have been contacted in the first instance. I will appreciate your proper understanding in accordance of this transaction. I want you to trust me on this basis, your fullest co-operation is all we need to be able to ascertain a vivid clarity of this fund.

I am from the UNITED KINGDOM and we will be very glad to meet you in person (IF POSSIBLE) to ascertain a vivid clarity of this transaction. However before then, it is important for me to know of your interest in this matter especially when you only got my email on the net. But bear it in mind emphatically that you are being contacted for something legitimate. I have all the legal backings to pull this through as long as i have confidence in your fullest co-operation and understanding of this matter.

The case of our client is an unusual one as his death was abrupt and without a will covering this sum mentioned to you. This leaves us no choice but to appoint an inheritor. I have the responsibility to sort out the administrative details on his death.I have the power to decide what happens to this sum as it will be administered in accordance with strict rules and regulations known as "Rules of Intestacy". I needed a very reputable person to be nominated as the beneficiary outside the UNITED KINGDOM rather than allow these funds to be confiscated. So, like I said in my earlier email to you, I am contacting you because you bear the same name as our late client NOT that you are related to him. The name of our late client was Mr. Raymond Barrera. By this I can very easily file in for the sum to be released to your account as the inheritor of the sum.

Be reminded that, I am NOT saying you are related to the Testator but since you bear the same name as "Barrera" this transaction can be very easily accomplished. Again, please know that to accomplish this transaction more quickly and without any hindrance, you must understand that I will need your fullest support. This can be more easily achieve only if you understand the details of the transaction. Please, note that I will also demand maximum confidentiality or discreteness in all matters.

All the necessary legal documentations will be in place.You are at liberty to reach the undersigned by phone in the event of further query,as this will enable me further explain the steps to be taken in realising this project. I await your early response.

Best Regards,

Barrister P.Williams.
Mobile Number: +447045737985
Phone Number: +447031921589"


He wants to meet me, LOL

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried ringing the numbers to see if they are true