Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nonesense on my desk

Besides some work that is nonsense too, i have two things on my desk that just collect some dust are are good for nothing.

The ancient Egyptian 'gold-snow globe' is a gift from our Finance Manager... can't really put this away if I want to keep my good relations with the Finance Department, can I?!
The other thingy is a enormous bolt and nut that I took from stores (the cigarette pack is not really useless if you are a smoker like me, it's just there to show you how big the bolt is). It should actually go onto one of our machines... It's always good fun when someone is trying to pick it up! It weighs around 15 kg!! :P
Why do I have this on my desk ... I don't know ...
Why do I blog about this ... I don't know ... :P

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