Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nokia Sports Tracker (TriPics)

So I tried the sports tracker thingy on my E90...
It's buggy !!! Very buggy !!!
It's supposed to let you take pictures and videos while you are 'tracking' and then later add it to your 'workout' ... but usually this is where the application stops taking data from the GPS.
So today on my way to work I tried it again with just taking the route and no pictures or video... stopped responding after 2 minutes ... SAD!
I hope they bring a newer, more stable version out soon ... I like the idea of the application since I am planning a mayor road trip next year, but as long as it is so buggy it's just annoying...

Update 18/08/08: I kept trying the application with the same results... I even updated my phone software and stuff ... nooooooo changes ...
So it's good bye sports tracker !! (for now!)

Update 23/08/08: If anyone found a solution for this problem, please comment!! Thanks :)

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