Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The official results on Kuwait's latest poll

Just now an independent news agency released the results of Kuwait's latest poll.
Here are some facts about the voting process, participation and the final results.

E-K News, Kuwait 2nd September 2008
Out of 6,676,120,288 possible voters only around 1,463,632,361 actually qualified for voting which is only 21.9%. Sadly enough only 1075 people made it to the ballots and just 20 people filled them out!
"This was the smallest turnout for a poll ever registered" a UN official said in an interview earlier today. People on the streets seem not to be upset about the very low participation in the poll and continue to life their daily lives.
"When the poll ended at midnight on the 31st of August, we had a hard time collecting and counting out all the votes given to us. The system we imported from the U.S.A. that is doing the counting automatically had some bugs and we needed to count several time. In fact we had to run it 4 times until we had a correct count." an official from the Poll-Center was commented.
Here are the final results:
Question: "People who are not obeying the traffic laws in Kuwait should be ..."
- burned, torn to pieces and fed to dogs

3 votes (15%)

- should pay a serious fine
8 votes (40%)

- left alone
2 votes (10%)

- honored for the skills they show
7 votes (35%)

As you can see, the answers do not allow any officials to make a clear decision on the matter of traffic violations in Kuwait. I guess it just goes on as it is...

(number of possible and qualified voters taken from here)

P.S. This is obviously NOT AN OFFICIAL POLL !!! The poll took place on this website and does not represent the public opinion of Kuwait and it's inhabitants (even though a real poll COULD come up with similar results).


Anonymous said...

6 billion voters? There's just 1 million Kuwaitis how is this even possible?

Anonymous said...

6 billion people on this planet ... 20 some % of them with internet ... 1500 where on this page ... 20 voted ...