Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nokia Mobile Code

I had this application called Barcode on my E90 and didn't really know what it is good for ...

What ever code I scanned was not understood. Today I stumbled over Nokias website and found a few new gadgets and one of them is a 'creator for barcodes' that can be read by some Nokias that have a cam (and the software installed).
Want to see if it works?

Scan this:

The other gadget is the sports tracker... (see the little window to the right called TriPic?! not there anymore because application is too buggy)
It lets you use your GPS to record your trip and associates any Media you are creating or playing during this time. So lets say you walk from Marina Crescent to the Scientific Center it will show it on a map and will display the picture you might have taken from the Hard Rock Cafe as well ... :)
I am going to try it for a little while and let you know how good it actually works...

1 comment:

don_veto said...

Cool, I figured how to read your code :-)

But not going to tell what it is.