Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No more Weekend in Kuwait

What sad news I have to bring you!
I received an SMS yesterday and I could not really believe it... today I had to check this for myself and sadly... it is true!!


Not for me, not for you, not for anybody!!!
Not for government employees, not for bankers, not for Contractors, ... NOT FOR NO ONE !!!
We will be deprived of our weekend for the rest of our lives as long as we are living in Kuwait!!!

The papers didn't report about it, the National Assembly didn't vote on it, not even the Amir approved it... still ... it's gone!

Now I sit here reminiscing about the times where it was still there... all the fun and laughter... the fun times with friends... the cold drinks... the hot food...
All gone!!! No more!!

Before you call me a liar... check this:

It used to be my favourit Sharwerma place... Awsome French Baguette Sandwiches!!! Always busy!! Super friendly staff!! There whenever you needed them... ALL GONE !!!

But let's be serious for a few moments here. It really is a tradgic thing. Not because I can't go there anymore and have decent food with my friends, no, but because the live of a few people just went down the drain. As far as I heard and understood the story, the owner of the restaunrant had a license for operating one more year and his rental contract also ran for one more year. But the owner of the land wanted him out now since they are currrently bringing down weverything in that corner (right opposite of AUK). So when the Dozer was done with the buildings around Weekends, the owner told the Dozer driver to just demolish the front of the restaurant. He did... and in the back of the building you had some of the staff sleeping!!! WTF !!!

It's one thing that he owns the land and wants to make shitloads of money building something new there (propably another shopping center or mall that we are all waiting for and can't live without) but it is another putting a few lives in danger for that!!!
Sadly enough.... I bet you that he gets away with a 200-300 KD fine and that is that.... the guy who had run the place will most likely never be able to start his business again. His rentals will be way way higher then before, specially since people know how good his business was running and all of his equipment is destroyed...
My friend who sent me the SMS yesterday said that the staff working there stood infront of the restaurant with watery eyes in their uniforms... having to tell all their regular customers what happened.. Poor fellows!!!


Evil Knievel said...

I knew my blog can change the world to a better place!! The UN noticed the misery we are in!! I am sure they'll send troops soon ... or maybe just food and water!!
Don't believe me?? This is what my awsome statcounter figured out:

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Bashar said...


Funny :)

Wait till estejwabat starts then ;)

Peony said...

ee i know :(

i saw it last week when i passed by :(

they had killer fries ! and amazing turkey sandwiches !!!

ma 3indihum salfa ehadmoonah :'(