Monday, July 14, 2008

Center for learning driving car

So after having my breakfast and going to work and screaming with some accountant who thinks he is General Manager or something, I now have time to blog a little more.

Now for me being in Kuwait for quite a long time, nothing can really shock me anymore. I guess all of us are used to see the most hilarious things going on on Kuwaits roads.

But I always wondered why Kuwaits drivers are so bad!!
OK... the racing your car part I kinda understand... that's because us men have to show how cool we are... Right?!
But whats with the changing lanes without looking?? Whats with the making a U-Turn from the middle lane?? Why is that happening?!? And why is it mostly women doing that?!?! (Before I get complaints... YES ... there are 5-6 women on this planet who can drive ... not all of them are bad drivers! And maybe YOU are one of the 5-6!!)
I think I found the answer! Initially I thought they where just blind because of their heyab or niqab... or just act like this because they think us man have to respect them so much that we need to anticipate every move they make on the road and automatically need to give them the right of way because they are so beautiful and we are all gentlemen!!
But no!!! I am SOOOOOO wrong!!!

They are thought to drive this way!!! It's an essential rule of driving in Kuwait as a woman!!!
If you drive 'normal' you will not pass the drivers license test!!!

And here is the prove!

Check the passenger side window... It's covered to simulate the driver wearing a niqab!! If you want to change lanes to the right you need to learn to do this blind!!!
Another good one is the English name of the great company: "New Nuora Center For Learning Driving Car"...
And why is that sign on the roof so crooked?!?! Rolled over in the previous car?!?! Driving too fast so wind blew it off??! Parking garage with very low ceiling?!?! or maybe a remainder of the "Old Nuora Center For Learning Driving Car"??
What happened to the old company?!!? Out of business?!?!

I am pretty sure the girl driving this car right now will pass her test!
she did not lose one of the wheel caps yet... no mayor scratches on the car... she had proper make up... so ... she'll pass! :)

Hmmm ... I think I should ask them to give me a refresh course or something! :)
I want to know all the secrets they are teaching!!! Lett'e me learning driving zee caar. Pleeaazze !!

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