Saturday, July 26, 2008

Awsome diving in Kuwait

I am dying to go diving since I didn't go in a veeeery long time. Earlier I tried with the Palms Diving Center and it was not really successful (see my earlier post) so I decided I will go with someone else.

I chose the KIM Dive Center in the Hilton... One should guess that if you do business inside the Hilton you are halfway professional... but again... I was wrong...

Let's start when I first went there.

They are located in one of the chalets and the security of the Hilton wold not let me drive there. They asked me to park in front of Starbucks and go to the reception. I did... The woman at the reception told me it's OK and I should just tell them that I spoke with her and she gave me the OK to drive there. So back to the car to avoid the burning heat. Arriving at the security check the guy told me again:" You not drive zee car inside! Go rezeptian!"
So back to the reception... quick talk with that woman... She sends me back out... I refuse because he would still not listen to me... finally the DOORMAN overheard our discussion and told me that he will get transport for me! So off I go in the golf cart to chalet 500-something...

When I reached there, I saw a sign saying KIM diving center... I walked inside and found myself in the kids "daycare" center... no diving! So my hunt for someone responsible continues ...
Upstairs I found someone that could have been involved with diving, so I asked him if I am at the right place... YES! Found it!! (Just took me around 30 minutes from entering the main gate)

So I tell him what I want, when I want it and that I am a certified Instructor...
He writes everything down on a ripped off piece of paper and I thought: "OMG... I hope this will work out!". I mean they didn't even have a form where they waive liability and take your details .... just scribble down your name and phone number and that it... OK... it DID work.
They called me back to tell me that the trip on Friday starts at 8.30am from the Fahaheel Sea Club and both places are reserved for me.
I asked when I should come with my friend to try on the gear we need to rent from them and we where supposed to come the same day. We did... same problem again reaching them... then trying on the BCD... and that's it!!! No Fins... No Mask... No boots... nutt'in! I thought I heard him say that all of this is in the Fahaheel Sea Club and left it at that...
Thursday night my friend and I cancelled all invitations to 'social events' to get a good night sleep and not to miss diving. The next morning 7.45 am we were on the way to Fahaheel... 8.30 we reached the parking lot and just when I switched off the engine of my car my phone rang.

"Mr. Evil Knievel... I am really sorry to tell you that the trip for today is cancelled. My staff did a mistake and we can't go!". WFT !!! Not only that I missed hanging out with friends the night before... no... on my only day off I woke up earlier then if I have to go to work and drove all the way for them to cancel!!

It was the dive instructor calling and he was just as pissed as I was. So OK I thought ... poor guy... missed quite a lot of business and besides he offered me my money back and a free dive.
My temper slowly settled down and we went for breakfast instead.
The following two weeks we unfortunately could go because of other appointments... but then last Friday we could!
So I called them... made the arrangements with them... cancelled my 'social gathering' (at least kept them to a minimum) and was all excited about finally going diving!
Thursday afternoon ... my phone rings ... "Allo Sir... sis is zee diving center. Tomorrow zhere will be no trip. Zee boat is broken...". WTF !!! It's JULY !!! Season started in April !!!


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