Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bird prices soaring

Dear Mr. Ben Garcia,

I just read your lovely little article about the 'bird prices soaring' in Kuwait... ha ha... funny... birds - prices - soaring ... ha ha... not...
Now let's go a bit deeper into your live report from the 'bird market'...
please allow me to quote a few of your lines and comment on them:

"I was strolling through the animal kingdom in hope of seeing bizarre animals on sale, like pythons, sea turtles, lizards or even crocodiles, which I know are forbidden but sometimes you'll see them being sold there. I was looking for these exotic animals but I found nothing."
- If you know they are forbidden ... why where you looking for them?!? Working on an undercover report on animal trafficking?

" was indeed surprising to discover that prices have doubled or even tripled when compared to last year. ... The cockatoos, a small, parrot-like bird, which I bought for only KD 5 two years ago, are now KD 20-25 each."
- so we where not really good in math ... where we?!?!

"Let's not forget, animals like these should be maintained and need special food to liveon. Similarly, pet food has also soared to unbelievable rate."
- Yes ... and some of them should actually never be maintained and taken care of by humans AT ALL!!

"I love all domestic animals, but knowing the enormous amount which they take from the daily budget, it is sad that many may one day abandon the idea of having them as their domestic pets."
- GREAT !!!! No more puppies and kittens being thrown out on the street because they are not clean or grow too big / fast, no more rare and endangered species living in some small cage, no more goldfish that needs to share his 2 months old water with his colleague in the round bowl, no more birds caught up in a way too small cage, ...

Well ... Ben ... thanks for bringing this up ... inflation is everywhere ... but sometimes it's not bad at all!!

Don't get me wrong people! I do not say that keeping animals at home is a bad thing in general! It's just that some 'people over here' sometimes forget that these are living creatures, with individual and sometimes very demanding needs in terms of food / living conditions /... !!!
If you treat your pet right, I am all for you!!
But if you buy a pet so you have something at home that others don't or to score with chicks (I know at least 2 guys who have a small puppy every now and then to do exactly that!) ... you should reconsider!

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