Saturday, May 12, 2007

When I was 6 years old...

When I was 6 years old and returned from our yearly family christmas skiing trip to Schliersee where we also celebrated my birthday, a surprise was waiting for me at home.
My grandparents build me my own big room and stuffed it with new furniture and my toys!
The thing is... i wasn't excited because of the furniture, the toys or anything else in there!!! NO! My first words back then where:
"Great! Now there is enough room for Sonja (my 1st crush in my life) so she can move in!"
My parents where laughing so hard and asked me why she should move in with us.
My reply:
"Because no matter where I look at, the sun, the trees, the stars, the moon I always see her!"
Now I have the same feeling again... 25 years later... (not for Sonja of course). Back then I really enjoyed it ... now ... it's giving me a ******* hard time!


boojam said...

Well, good for you. I would love to recreate that feeling of utter passion that first love brings but it would inevitably involve someone new and my wife might object.
On another matter, I feel a grand piano would do the job, if launched from a fifteenth storey and think of the noise of the impact!

MaXiE said...

cute lol.. and when u commented on my post.. u said massages and sauna are missing.. trust me.. massages cannot take out the knots in my body and sauna will just give me a heart attack.. lol.. good luck with seeing women in the sun stars and moon ;)

U.E. said...

I remember this feeling. And more than a year later it hurts less but it is still there. :( You really need that hug!

Happy Wolf said...

Thats sad, i know that feeling ! Why don't you call her and tell her that you are heart broken ?

Evil Knievel said...

boojam: was driving around yesterday evening and heard the pianos fall! :P

maxi: not women ... just one woman!

u.e.: so when do i get it?!

happy wolf: she knows... doesn't change her feelings for me though.

Elijah said...

Soooooo cuuuuute, only if u knew how ugly things become when u live with a person lol