Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's the things inside that count...

All leather ... color you wish ... instruments in color you want ... various options for the storing compartments and the audio system ...

No limits to your leather color choice!

Over 600 cars produced so far (two different models) and NONE is like the other!


Happy Wolf said...

does it have a name ?

BTW ..word verifiation is killin me man!

Evil Knievel said...

Sure it has a name!!!
But I challenge all of you to find out yourself!
The first one telling me will get 2 invitations for the official launch in Kuwait (September/October).

Word verification makes it easyer for me though.. :P

Extinct Dodo said...

wiesmann... as in whiteman hahahhaha

as a bonus ich kann auch deutsch reden, so i sure as hell deserve those 2 well-earned tickets :P

Evil Knievel said...

Congratulation !!!
WIESMANN is correct!!
You just won two invitations!!!
Let me know how I can get them to you ...

But... Wiesmann doesn't mean "white man" ... if there is a translation at all it would be "meadow man"
weiss means white :P

Aber prima das Du deutsch sprichst! Woher kannst Du denn das?

Extinct Dodo said...

ich war im dusseldorf fur 7 jahren von 1991 bis 1997... excuse my spelling, jetzt verschtehe ich nur, mehr als ich zagen kan :(

und danke sehr for the tickets.. i dunno, you suggest something :p