Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One year has passed ...

Hey there!

I was gone for so long that I could hardly remember how to log in ... :o

So many things have happened in over 1 year of bloggins abstinence. Too many things to mention them all.
Most important is that I am still in Kuwait and I am still driving with no further accidents... :P

So short update on my situation:
- New Job (since 4 months)
- good position / prospect
- great projects
- Private life very messy right now
- Family coming over to visit me
- My wheels changed to something... hmmm... ok ... but not as nice as before...
- Sourrounded by families with children (3 other apartments on my floor with a total of 7 kids!)

Since I don't want to spread my private life here, I will tell you about two projects that are coming up that are very much in line with this blog... cars / road rage / traffic caos ... :P

Project number ONE:

Nano. Ever heard of Nano Technologie?!? Sure you have! If not ... google it! :P
Ok... I (or better we) bring a product on the market that will help you to raise the resale price of your car dramatically ... and not only this ... you have noooo troubles keeping it spotless clean with minimal work while owning it.
The secret?!? It's a coating that we apply... It seals your car from any outside effects (dust / water / ...) and gives the color a tremendos boost in shine.
Basically it's very small Nano molekules that build a shild that acts like the leave of a lotus flower. No idea what this means?!? Lotus flower effect?!? Google it ... :P
Try to find a short movie explaining it ... if I'll find one I'll post the link.
Boring project?!? Well ... wait ...

Project number TWO:
Wie***** (edited to keep the tension). I am pretty sure you never heard this name before ... and if then you have either met someone in Germany that coincedently had the same name or you are a car fanatic!
Wie***** is a car manufacturer from Germany. Very exclusive, beautiful, powerfull cars... hand build, with unlimeted color choices that makes each car unique.
Ok... no reason to google it: (stole the link ... follow my blog instead)
Take a look and give me your opinion... would really apreciate!
And if you are seriously interested or just want to see the car in real life then let me know so I can give you an invitation to the official launch in Kuwait in September (en shallah).

My internet connection here sucks... so I will post some pictures of Wie***** later with a better connection.

Till then... take care and let me pass!! :P

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Judy Abbott said...

can't wait to have lotus flower as a car :)

Glad your back Evil not.