Sunday, November 13, 2005

Snow?? Ice??

What is it today?? A little rain and everyone is driving like he has highly explosive stuff in the trunk! People honk at you to tell you that you should clear their path even though they are still 150 m away from you and they only drive 30 km/h (that’s 18 seconds till they pass you!). People seem to orientate themselves on the middle concrete wall on the highways because everyone is driving on the left. People have set their windshield wipers to "tropical hurricane level 5" because a raindrop hits their windshield every 30 - 45 seconds (but this is still better then the ones that have no wipers at all!). Warning lights flashing because there is a ditch on the road that is 2,35 cm deep. High beam and fog lights turned on to warn the cars 2 kilometres in front and behind you.
I know ... there is oil on the roads and the water is flushing it onto the surface (thank you RKFM for reminding all of us every morning about the dangers on the roads! :/)... the dust and sand form an ice like substance... but still... THE ROADS ARE DRIVABLE!!!! NO REASON TO COMPLETLY ACT UP!!!
The only time you see this kind of behaviour on German (or better European) roads is when you have heavy snow or ice rain. That's the time where you can figure out who has winter tires on his car and who not (winter tires are for pussies!! :P ). Can't wait till I get to Germany to hopefully drive in snow again! It's slower traffic then usual ... but not even half as crazy as over here!

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U.E. said...

'tropical hurricane level 5' ha ha ha, that's hilarious. I'm going to find a way to work that into my everyday conversations. As in, "I was walking by and he whipped around like he was geared to tropical hurricane level 5." Everyone else will be like, what? But I'll be laughing and that's what really matters.

Oh, and there are better roads in Europe than German roads?? Wow, I'm surprised to hear you admit that!!

I second it, the drivers here are flaming poofball idiots.