Saturday, November 12, 2005


People, I need to rethink the whole idea about breaking the land speed record for Kuwait...

This week is the Kuwait Motor Show... I have been there yesterday and what can I say... I need to rethink my attempt! With my Peugeot 407 I will not be able to compete AT ALL!!!
If you been there ... saw the Audi's, Lamborghini’s, Porsche's and BMW's?!? HOW CAN I COMPETE WITH THEM???
I totally gave up on the idea after being the passenger in an Aston Martin DB9. You know the feeling when you are flying and the plane hits an air pocket and your stomach feels funny!? Ok... you have this feeling in a DB9 from the second the engine is running ... acceleration is AWSOME! Top speed beyond 300 km/h (still may not be enough to break the record). REAL NICE!!
But not only because this car costs more then I earn in a year I would not buy it ... no ... there are other reasons also ... Picture this:
My friend and I where on highway 40 driving the BB9 with about 120km/h ... on the lane right of us pulls up a car ... he get's his camera out and clicks pictures of the car ... !??!?! WTF?!?!
Since there are only (I think) 29 DB9 in Kuwait, people will always know where you are... don't really know if this is good or not ... but I like to have some privacy even if I go to public places.

Well ... my friend would probably kill me if I tell you that a DB9 is not a car to buy ... it is!! Awesome manufacturing! Hand build, though designed and absolutely individual! If I would not have to worry about what's paying my bills ... I would have one ... and a Vanquish right with it!! :P

But seriously now. There are real nice cars at the motor show and some real jewels as well! Maybe if you talk to the guys from Audi real nice they'll show you their treasure! Well hidden and very exclusive! And while you are there ... check out the RS4 and A8...
Right next to Audi you can find Volkswagen. Check out the Phaeton!!
Porsche displays the Porsche Carrera GT ... a monster!
For the guys that like the H2 ... the H3 is presented ... for me the H1 is still the best out of their series ... but this is just me ... :P
In the same hall you can find a real classic race car ... the Ford GT! They have one on display that seems to be a customer car ... he still has his radar warner in the front windshield!! :P Hope for him that police won't recognize...

And what would cars be without beautiful women?!?! Skoda won the unofficial beauty contest with a hostess named Hannan (if I remember right). She was trying to sell us a car and showed us the features of it ... when she explained that we could fit our skis in the trunk by sticking them thru the rear seat I tried hard not to crack up ... SKI?!?!? THIS IS THE KUWAIT MOTOR SHOW!!! NO SNOW!!! NO MOUNTAINS!!! But still ... she won!

Well ... so for me it's back to the drawing board ... and if I really want to break the record ... I think I need a filthy rich sponsor!
Anyone?!? No?!?

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