Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Aaaaaarrrrrgh !!!

No... I did not die yet on the streets of Kuwait. It was just that nothing happened that I would like to write here or discuss in public. I was doing my work, had my private life and worked on breaking the land speed record in Kuwait with my little Peugeot.
My average time to work is getting better day by day... maybe because I decided that it's a waste of energy to flash the high beam ... I decided to leave it on ALL the time. It seems to work. Well, almost... Convoys and their beloved commander’s don't give a shit. But since they have the bigger vehicles I step back and let them do. Hmmm ... maybe I should also get a truck and start tuning it to not only break the land speed record for cars but at the same time for trucks!
So like I said everything is running smooth and easy.
What the **** !!! That Beamer in front of my on 6th ring road just lost some major solid part from its engine and decided to drop it onto my hood and into my windshield!!! WTF!!! I only saw it for a split second and I thought it's coming thru the windshield so I covered my face and duck down. Nasty loud sound ... windshield still there ... Beamer still driving ...?!?!?! WHAT WAS THAT?!?! Ahhh ... there is the one to blame!!! LEFT side of the highway is a truck and a driver to it that looks very confused and is looking at his truck and kinda wonders why it's not running anymore. Duh!!! Hey pal, the part you are looking for was trying to kill me and the cars following me are spreading it out on to the highway!!!
This truck was one of the kind where you kind of wonder that they are driving at all. The tank is strapped with some wire, the tires already have 2.5 million kilometres of Kuwaiti and Iraqi roads behind them and would be forbidden to be used in Formula 1 since they have no profile left, the smoke coming out of the exhaust looks worse then the smoke from the Doha power plant, the back of the trailer is following the truck 2m to the side, the "hood" is held with wire, the air pressure hoses for the brakes of the trailer dangle in the wind, the 16 break lights on the trailer don't work, etc. etc.
Did the government ever think of something like a technical inspection for vehicles on their roads?! If not ... they should start thinking about it. (If a government official is reading this and needs some help or guidelines, please leave a comment and I get back with you)
Well, now I have this big ****ing, nasty dent in my hood and I need a new windshield. My boss will tell me again that this would not have happened if I would have driven only 120 km/h and I have to tell him that when this happened I actually was driving 120 km/h since the driver of the beamer didn't really know where the throttle or the middle lane is.
So now I start thinking if I may need a different car for my record attempt. I had nothing but luck with this one ... AC not working / transmission problems / sudden window combustion / trucks hitting / heater (YES! It's cold in the morning!) and now people throwing their junk on my hood.
The rental company is informed and delivers me a new Evil Knievel car ... I figure it's going to be a Mazda 6 ... nice car but no records will be broken with it.

In real life it looks worse


U.E. said...

Oh no! That really sucks. :-( Well, at least the Mazda 6 accelerates faster, yeah? :-(

You really ducked and covered your face?? First time I smiled all day just picturing it.

Evil Knievel said...

You smile cause I thought it's comming thru the windshield? Hmmm ... well ... glad I could make you smile!

U.E. said...

No no no!!! Not cause it was coming through the windshield. That's not what I meant at all. That's horrible... I'm sorry.

I just smiled at the sudden image of you ducking and hiding. I mean, you did the quick smart thing. Just, my little mental image of your eyes going wide, squeezing shut, your long arms going up over your spiffy new buzz cut! It was just vivid and made me smile. That's all. hee hee

Closet Diva said...


I just realized that this blog is a dedication to 'driving rants of a German Expat'

LOL, funny stuff. Sorry to hear about your car takes time & practise to master the art of driving, kuwaiti style.

coquine said...

Trucks are starting to lose parts on the highway? Scary..

Makes you appreciate the Tüf, doesn't it ;)

Evil Knievel said...

Absolutly right coquine! Always hated it back in Germany ... but know i learn to appriciate!
Welcome to my blog! :)