Monday, October 31, 2005

I hate Monday's !

I used to say that when still living in Germany since this would be the first working day of a week. When working over here, that changed to "I hate Saturdays". Well ... Today that changed. I had my day off yesterday... but today I hate Monday not for the fact that I am back at work... I hate it because someone close to me is leaving Kuwait.

I know this guy for at least 18 years... we been thru a lot of ups and downs together... from learning German over not talking to eachother for 3 years because I took his girlfriend to working together in Kuwait.
He is more or less happy to go back (can't really blame him) and is always smiling when he is speaking of the unavoidable flight back to Frankfurt. But me and some of the new friends he made here will miss him.
- How can I win in tablesoccer (or baby foot like it's called here) without him?
- Who can I bug for "high" Arabic words now?
- Who will go fishing with me now?

Well ... I'll survive it for sure ... but I am definitely not happy about the circumstances that made him leave Kuwait.

The only good thing today so far is ... the roads where empty and I only had to brake once for a truck and once for a pick-up on my way to work ... :P


U.E. said...

Me too... I'm sad. :-( I hate when people leave!! I know I will be teary tonight.

Evil Knievel said...

i'll bring some tissues for you ...

Grandma Funk said...

okay this comment is regarding the previous post.

220? Is that the best you can do? ;)

Evil Knievel said...

with the underpowered little car that i drive right now ... unfortunatly yes. :)

MuSHiBa said...

I know the feeling... I felt it when I left the US to come back to Kuwait and left all my good friends (and only firends at that time) behind. And again i experience d it whan my good friend Exzo left to Jordon and I did not get to say bye to him.