Saturday, October 29, 2005

I should have known better...

After all those thousands of kilometers driving on the speedy lane in Kuwait i should have known better... WAY BETTER!!!

Simple situaton ... 3 lanes at a red traffic light. Left of me was a Kuwaiti chick in a Mercedes, right of me a truck with trailer (the ones where you thnk he can be happy to carry a load of styrofoam without the trailer braking into two halfs) and me of course in the middle lane. For people that are familiar with the roads here ... it was the exit off from highway 40 (coming from Fahaheel) on to 7th ring road.

Well ... i guess the people left and right of me where just as much in a hurry as i was ... so as soon as the light turned green all of us took off... It was working real nice ... till ... the Mercedes came very close to my left rear view mirror and the rest of my car. On the right side the truck was also coming very close.

OK ... i thought "you better stop, or the Mercedes will hit you and police will give you a hard time since she is Kuwaiti" ... so i did. This girl was driving from her left lane completly into mine ... good thing I stopped.

OK ... I am supposed to be the fastest ... but there is times where i just give up for 30 seconds and then I decide to pay it back ... overtake this guy/girl and scream something like "WTF !!!" while passing...


The rear end of the trailer also came on to my lane ... with the only difference that the part of the lane whicht he choose was still occupied with my car!

Mercedes gone ... truck not willing to stop ... police not around ... me in a bad hurry to be on time for work ... F..K !!! Guess i just lost a few KD for repairing the car...

Now what went wrong ... a team of Kuwait traffic experts and me studied this case very thourogh.

  1. I did not flirt with the Kuwaiti chick to the left.
  2. I did not use the high beam to warn either one of them.
  3. I was not playing with the throttle while waiting for green, showing the others that i really have a fast and powerfull car and i am in a hurry.
  4. I did not stay in my lane using the horn to show both of them that i don't care about them and need to go first.

I told you ... I should have known better ...

P.S. Anyone knows a good garage? OUTSIDE OF SHOUWAIK !!!


U.E. said...

Ummmmm, umm ummm ummmu ummmmm! You are in big trouble mister!! Feel a little better about all the scratches in my new paint job now. hee hee SUCKS TO BE YOU!!

Evil Knievel said...

well ... the paintjob on my car is easy ... just a small part in the front. YOU have scratches ALL OVER!!!

U.E. said...

Strike that. In the above post I said you are a booger. I'm taking it back. You're an ass. :->~