Sunday, December 07, 2008

Where to BBQ in Kuwait

I BBQ'ed at home on my balcony, on the beach front in Salmiya, in a 'traditional' tent, on Kubbar Island, at various chalets... but somehow I haven't found the perfect spot yet.
i was thinking about going to Muttla Ridge for a change. Trying to find a spot where you can see downtown Kuwait (if the weather lets you) and the sea. Or maybe somewhere towards Bubyan Island on the beach (I could fish at the same time...)?

Where is your favourite BBQ place in Kuwait?!?
And what's your favourite BBQ food?? (and can I have the recipe please?!?!)


Anonymous said...

hamburgers :)

Neoark said...

hmmmmmmmmm *drools*

Anonymous said...

I wish to BBQ too..Where can I get the BBQ ingredients/seasonings?
What abt the meat?
It would have been cool if we had Walmart here in stop for everything you poosibly could need..

Evil Knievel said...

There is a 'one-stop-shop' ...
I hate to say it but it's Sultan Center in Salmiya.
They have basically everything you need.... BBQ / coal / tools / meat / seasoning / ...
But expect heavy prices!