Sunday, November 02, 2008

U.S. Presidential elections 2008

The U.S. Presidential elections 2008 are very close now with Obama in favour to win against McCain. Never the less, a surprise candidate just entered the race 2 days before elections! Due to the short notice, millions of ballots are now outdated and would need to be reprinted and redistributed. With only 2 days to elections, this is an impossible task to do, even for FedEx / UPS / DHL and all daily newspapers working hand in hand. The solution, the first ever Internet voting, was approved yesterday night at 3:15 am by congress.
And something else came as a surprise for U.S. citizens when they opened the newspaper today to read about the new election method and the new candidate.
For the first time ever, all human mankind can participate in the U.S. Presidential elections! This announcement came after several international groups claimed that the election process was unfair and rigged.
The new candidate has no funding, no expensive campaign, no media coverage and no known supporters so far but he comes with a simple plan to win:
"Vote for me and I'll make this world a better place!" are his simple words in this complicated time. "I don't care if you are white, black, yellow, brown, red, khaki or purple... there is good and bad among all of us!" is what he had to say about the rising racism among the US citizens.
With theses simple but important messages he deserves all the support we can provide him!

So please come and vote! The online voting for the U.S. Presidential elections 2008 can be found right here (see the poll on the right side? It's linked to the U.S. ballot system...) !!

Go and vote for real!!
There is a website collecting votes from all over the planet! Here is the link:

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John wayne so gonna win ! mark my words ...