Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For all you tech Guru's out there!

I would need your help on this one ...

How can I combine serveral (at the moment two) Internet connections in ONE gateway!?

What I am trying to do is to get my Windows 2003 SBS to use two Zain Ego Routers for connecting to the Internet...

Any ideas?!?!


NBQ said...

It depends on your need/expectation from combining the two links. What are you trying to achieve? Are you hoping to combine the two links to get a particular connection/download rate faster? Or is it that you have too many connections/downloads and wish to distribute the load a bit?

Basically, the Windows 2003 server can only have one gateway assigned to the network card, so you typically require some sort of a network device to aggregate the two links from the routers. The device has to have the capability to make use of the two networks.

There is one particular scenarios where you could get away with using the two links at the same time, for example I have a DSL at home that is usually saturated/full, but also I need to connect to work/VPN at the same time which is terrible because it is too slow. So, I simply connect my eGO (or second DSL link on the same subnet) then I issue a "route add" command in windows to specify that any connection going to my work VPN server IP should use the 2nd DSL/eGO IP, while the default gateway is still going to the first DSL link. This way, my VPN link to work uses the nonutilized eGO link while internet downloads go through the default gateway.
I doubt this is your scenario, but that's what I can say for now.

ZDistrict has some blog entries about aggregators, check it out: (maybe in this category)

Evil Knievel said...

I was kinda hoping that I could install another network card and tell W2003S to use both for all outgoing Internet connections to split the load between the two. Would have been nice if I could have done it with a few clicks ... :P
I will check the links you gave to see how I could probably still do it.

Thanks alot for your help!! :)

Rayboy said...

why dont you get a dual wan firewall to act in between the sbs and use that a gateway.

there are so many out there... im particular fond of netgear VS336G which im currently using.

nbq said...

wow.. nice timing Rayboy. I was going to look for this blog entry to add another comment as I was in Dubai and noticed a dual wan firewall that I wanted to share info about.
Yes, the dual wan firewall is what I meant by aggregator that ZDistrict was mentioning.
The one I found in Dubai was Linksys RV082 for Dhms1,300 which is about KD97. Look it up.

Rayboy said...

nbq ... yeah correct Zdistrict is using the same. the linksys RV082 i heard was good too(but didnt work on it as yet) .. but 97 kd is bit uplink while the netgear would cost KD 78 ... i got mine for KD 56 from amazon.