Monday, November 10, 2008

Quantum of Solace: James Bond 007

It's the 22nd James Bond movie... and it ain't bad at all!

Besides the fact that the theater her in Kuwait cut at least 10 scenes! In the opening trailer there were cuts already! OK OK ... there must be half naked girls winding and grinding in it... but is that a legit reason to cut it??? The last James Bond (Casino Royal), I also watched in the theater and I didn't get the story because I didn't understand whats going on between James and Vesper Lynd (Eva Green). Had noooooo clue until I watched the DVD. This time I at least got the plot and story right! :)
On the bright side ... we've seen it before the audience in the US and Europe!

He's driving an Aston Martin DBS in the first few minutes and is chased by some Alfa Romeo's... poor Aston gets quite smashed but (of course) survives, unlike the Alfas. The rest of the movie is hybrid Fords! A Focus and I think an Explorer ... nice touch ... :)

Story is OK and could theoretically happen (not as fancy as Moonraker or some other movies out of the James Bond series). He's is still going after the dudes that killed Vesper Lynd in Casino Royal and on the way is stopping some pseudo environmentalist from taking over the water supply of Bolivia.

The new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko playing Camile is quite alright but by far not the best looking Bond girl... maybe because all the good scenes were all cut! GRRRR !!! Much hotter is the Embassy staff girl that is picking James up in Bolivia! Her name: Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton)!
More facts and a alot of pics here!


Grey said...

Wow ! gotta see ... BTW i am a huge James Bond Fan .. i got all the 21 movies + 3 more non EON productions as well ..

Joud said...

funny u should say that . i wanted to slit my wrists during the movie

i know one's supposed to watch bond movies with certain expectations and a certain frame of mind, but i cant, its too much

i prefer austin powers

media boy said...

speaking of Austin Powers, it will be easy to make Quantum of Solace spoofs... every where this Bond goes he breaks glass, he can't get a gallon of milk from the store without it turning into a chase scene, and every time he punches someone in the face, they die