Thursday, September 18, 2008

The new family member

I am sooooo sorry for not writing something earlier ... but I couldn't / didn't feel like / or what ever...
I will see that I post a picture in this post later today since I have none here...

It's a 'her' ... about 1000 grams ... lot's of hair ... :)
Her original name is Lulu... but I can't really name her that because a friend of mine might not really like it if I scream "LULU!! COME HERE!!!"
So I was looking for a name and was hoping she would do something stupid that I could name her after... but no ... very quiet .. potty trained ... play full ... hmmm ... so I came up with: "Maey"
That's what she sounded like when I got her:"maey.... maey ..." (and since I do not know a May or Mae in Kuwait I am good to go...)
So for everyone that didn't get it yet ... I GOT A CAT !!!
After absence of almost 5 years I became a can opener again! :)


Dandoon said...

lol i knew it!

what breed is she? mine is half himalayan/half persian

Evil Knievel said...

Actually I have nooooo idea what breed she is ... looks like a mix between Persian and something else ... :)