Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The word is out ...

How and where to start? OK... my contract with my current employer will not be extended. So my last working day for them is the 31st of this month.
Why? We lost a big project in Iraq and it seems like we'll lose more in the near future... so there is no need for "over head" like me. I don't bring money ... I just cost and spend it...

So am I sad to leave this company?
Yes and no. On one side I can remember times in this company where it was very stressful but fun to work and on the other side I see how the company has developed in the last 4-5 months and I don't like that at all. More and more restrictions and bullshit came from our customer and instead of saying " ok ... that's it ... you crossed the line " they just went on and said nothing.
I will miss very few people that I worked with and that accompanied me thru almost 1 year of HR work.

I was not shocked, mad or angry and I did not even have to ask why when they told me since I was expecting it for quite a long time already. The only sad thing is that I knew it was coming and so did the company management and management did nothing to keep the "work flowing".
It was a year that developed skills in me and that thought me a lot about people/Kuwait/dealing with dickheads.

So what's going to happen now?
Since I knew it was coming and I didn't feel well in the company anyway, I was already looking for something else. I wanted to get away from a very good paid but very insecure job and get hired by a local Kuwaiti company with a long term contract. So ... as it looks right now I do get a chance with a company here in Kuwait. I expect their offer today and I could start most likely on the 1st of January 2006.

So keep your fingers crossed for me!!


U.E. said...

You suck monkey ass.

Mariam said...

All my prayers for you. Fingers crossed for my Niki :)


Evil Knievel said...

hmmm ... is it a bad omen that i didn't hear from them today or just the typical Kuwaiti lazyness?

Sorry ... no chance!
Couldn't tell it earlier and I should have told you before... SOOOOOORRY !!!

Thank you !! :)

U.E. said...


You still suck. And I'm gonna miss you!!!