Friday, December 16, 2005

Leaving on a jetplane...

Before I leave Kuwait, I need to say: THANK YOU !!! Muuuuah!!
Thank you everyone who was there yesterday for my surprise birthday party! (even if it was like 9 days early... :P)
Really didn't know anything and everyone kept quiet about it! So it was really a big surprise!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now I am in a big hurry ... I still havn't bought ANY presents for my family at home and I fly tonight! So... guess I just race down to Fahaheel and buy some Sandelwood, the funny looking thingy you burn it in and some other "arabic" stuff made in china... :P

Then I'll be on my way to Germany. I will leave Kuwait, my "old" Job and friends behind. But no worries ... at least not my friends! I'll be back! PROMISE! Since it looks really good with a new Job in Kuwait! So ... sorry guys from L..... C........ and O.T.C. ... you'll have to find someone else doing all that crap! :)

So on the 28th of this month I'll come back so I can celebrate the new year with all of you!!

Till then,
take care and keep posting so I know whats going on in Kuwait! :)


U.E. said...

TONIGHT! YOU FLY TONIGHT! I hate these middle of the night flights... I'm always confused on when you actually leave. I know you are going to have a great time... but I'm gonna miss you! Be safe, have fun, hurry back. Mmmoowwwaa!

Judy Abbott said...

Wish you a safe trip and HAPPY BDAY man :)
Have TONS of fun.

Qatar Cat said...

Happy birthday and congrats with the new job!


:-* said...

Hey... just wanted to leave behind a hug! Mwah! :-*