Monday, December 12, 2005

My Desktop

Tagged by Unknown Entity

YES! I do have a Desktop with a girl wearing a Niqab... :)

And you know whats strange? All the guys coming into my office and see it... they want to have it! But no no no! MINE !!! :P

So who do I tag now?!
1. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
2. Mariam
3. Jazz Central


U.E. said...

Ha ha ha, I was thinking maybe you'd change it. hee hee

Evil Knievel said...

why would i change it??
i really like the picture!

Qatar Cat said...

Oh no don't change it, it's really nice!


Judy Abbott said...

why do you like it ? if i may ask.

Evil Knievel said...

Qatar Cat:
Welcome to my blog! :)

Judy Abbott:
She has beautiful eyes and the picture leaves room for fantasy...
And what could be more beautiful then a woman out of your fantasy?!

Qatar Cat said...

Thanks EK! I visited you before, but incognito :^)

It is exotic, mysterious and beautiful. What else do we need to like it?

Jazz Central said...

Interesting Tagg by the way. I just got your e-mail. Thanks :)

cool desktop though.

Jan6a said...

hehe interesting to say the least. The chics eyes looks a guy I know hehe

Hmmm :p