Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Teams arrived for the Kuwait International Rally Championship

First of all sorry for being absent for a while and not coming back to all questions asked from my previous entry.

These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon in front of the Kuwait Shooting Club on 6th Ring Road just before the Doha Spur exit. As you can see, some of the bigger teams have already arrived and started preparing their cars. All of them are super friendly and didn't mind me taking pictures at all.
The Qatari Team (picture on the very top and middle) came with a total of 5 cars with mostly young talented drivers. The Abu Dhabi Team showed up with 3 cars (picture at the bottom).
If you pass there today, you will see much more teams with their cars, all busy setting the cars to the stages they will find in this Rally. Go pass by, say hello and wish them luck! :)


latif said...

wher is the 1st stage tomorrow and what time?

Evil Knievel said...

The actual rally will start at THURSDAY with the ceremonial start at the Kuwait Towers! Today and yesterday was 'off limits' for viewers and press ...