Thursday, February 12, 2009

I got a big car and I am special!

This sight pisses me off EVERY DAY !! Standing in the traffic jam going home on 30...
The slow traffic has two reasons:
1. A lot of people going to their homes in Salmiya at the same time
2. Idiots that are driving on the left lane all the way to their exit (most likely 4th Ring Road) and at the last moment cross all 3 lanes and block traffic coming from behind.

And then you have these Idiots shown above... Why are the cops not doing anything against them?!? ITS THE EMERGENCY LANE !!! FOR AMBULANCES / FIRE TRUCKS / POLICE !!!
I guess there are around 5000-10000 cars in the traffic jam and all of us are WAITING IN LINE to pass it... So WHY CANT YOU $&*^@#%$ DO THAT?!?!


Patrick Semaan said...

It's absurd and irresponsible.

Sometimes some dudes would do that even when the roads are empty and sometimes (it happened to me) if you are driving on the far left lane and a guy come from behind real fast, so fast you did not see him coming, he give you literally 2 seconds to move and sometimes you cannot move right away to the left, so they get angry and you know what they do? They go fast on the left lane over the bumps and back on the road, because of the speed, all the crap of sand and rocks will fly on your car, doing a lot of damage to the front, lights and window!

Evil Knievel said...

I know ... happened to me serveral times as well ...

I wish those guys get a flat tire and crash into the concrete barrier each time is see it!

lensman said...

They make us look stupid to be waiting in line.

Another thing that really pisses me off is at U-turns, when theres a long line of cars waiting to turn and these idiots just barge in from the right. One guy even broke his side view mirror while trying to barge into my lane. I gave him the finger and drove off.

Jewaira said...

Exactly my thoughts too when I see this in traffic. Yesterday on Damascus street someone drove on the pavement to get out of traffic.

I wonder what people are in a hurry for to risk their lives and do damage to other people's car by flying stones and dust. They need to get heavy fines.